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Empowering businesses through self-service analytics

Empowering businesses through self-service analytics

  • 14 July 2022
  • By OCBC
  • 10 mins read

Providing product owners and business managers with self-service access to easily digestible data and insights is a critical requirement for us.

In the past, access to data and insights was only available to the analytics team. While this meant that the data was handled by experts, it led to an “insight bottleneck”. This was because there was insufficient capacity within the analytics team to respond to the huge volume of questions that businesses had which required rapid turnaround.

OCBC Bank now empowers our product owners by providing self-service analytics across all key aspects of our business. Through a standard enterprise platform, hundreds of dashboards are published daily – enabling the business to stay on top of key metrics. Through self-service access, business owners are able to slice and dice, drill down and generate customer profile information without having to raise requests to the Data or IT teams.

“Our self-service analytics platform handles over 100,000 user requests annually. It enables us to expand the availability of insights across the business thirty times more than what the central analytics team could do independently.”

— Kasper Hansen, Head of Analytics, Group Data Office

To widen the reach of the insights, the Qlik platform allows reports and visualisations to be pushed to user inboxes or published directly onto large screen TVs. This enables greater access to relevant insights across larger user populations such as the Contact Centre and Digital Channels teams.

In addition, Group Analytics hosts an internal Insights Portal. This allows us to curate interesting studies developed by the team and securely publish them across the organisation to relevant managers. Through content tagging, users can search for keywords to find relevant analytics studies that may have been conducted in the past or search within a specific topic area.