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Saving mightily in the '70s: Fu Lu Shou

Saving mightily in the '70s: Fu Lu Shou

  • 21 October 2022
  • By OCBC Bank
  • 5 mins read

These three wise figures are the representations of Fu, Lu and Shou – the gods of fortune, prosperity and longevity in Chinese mythology.

They stood out recently when, as part of the Group's 90th anniversary celebrations, we called on our customers through Facebook and Instagram to share their favourite OCBC mementos.

The photo of these coin banks was contributed by 52-year-old Audrey Wong, who had received them from her parents when she was a child.

You might find these items especially striking because they are green artefacts from OCBC, the Bank now known for its iconic red.

Treasures from her parents

It all started when Audrey's parents gave her the Fu Lu Shou coin banks in the 1970s to inculcate the value of saving. Audrey remembers being around 5 to 6 – long before today's Mighty Savers Programme debuted in 2007.

Audrey's parents had received these coin banks from the Bank, probably for depositing a certain amount of funds in their OCBC accounts. The coin banks were rather big, each being the size of a "500ml water bottle", she recounts.

"Whenever I had spare change, I would plop them in the coin banks. I was always taught that Fu Lu Shou means wealth and savings, so adding money to the coin banks were a good way to build my wealth. More often than not, all three of them were full!"

The savings stored in the coin banks didn't go to waste either – and we don't mean they financed tasty snacks or beloved toys. Audrey's family would use the money for good, donating the coins to St Theresa's Home to help the elderly people living there.

Since the green coin banks were dear to her heart – being gifts from her parents – Audrey's connection to Fu, Lu and Shou lasted till adulthood. It was only when her family moved homes that they were lost in the shuffle. Today, she finds her photos and memories of the coin banks even more precious as her parents have passed on.

Fu Lu Shou back then, Mighty Savers today

When Audrey became a parent herself, she naturally sought to instill the value of saving in her children. Shortly after they were born, she opened Mighty Savers Accounts for her son and daughter, making sure to meet the minimum deposit amount to qualify for two coin banks!

As their mother had, the children would put their spare change in the Mighty Savers coin banks. Audrey would bring them to the OCBC Centre Branch once the coin banks were full to deposit their coins.

"The staff members there are very welcoming. They helped my daughter count her coins – one by one – since she was so young and had so many (coins)!"

Audrey is 52 now and her children are adults, but the family's relationship with OCBC endures! Audrey still uses the OCBC 360 Account for to credit her salary as a legal professional while her children have moved on to be FRANK by OCBC customers.

"Today, everything at OCBC is quick and efficient since things have gone digital; everything is at my fingertips. But my children and I will never forget the importance of saving, just like how OCBC is a lao zhao pai (long standing brand) that sticks to its family-friendly values and its emphasis on serving its customers."