Do well. Do good. Do now. Together for a sustainable future.

Sustainability is not an isolated effort, but a shared goal – achieved through the collective strides of many.

The impact of sustainability on businesses is expected to be far greater than digital transformation as it plays a central role in business operations. By ensuring that your company is run in a socially, environmentally, and economically responsible manner, you can expect to reap potential business benefits such as cost savings, higher profits, a competitive advantage and positive brand image.

At OCBC, we drive impact for businesses through education, the shaping of standards and policies, and partnership with leading companies to scale their green solutions and reach a wider base.

Regardless of your role or industry and whether you are looking to facilitate change or implement sustainable solutions within the sustainability framework, we can work towards a greener future with you.


Which pivotal player are you in this sustainability journey?

The Enabler

An industry game-changer whose mission is to enable others to transition, and you do this by seeking out, developing and innovating solutions. Where others see obstacles, you see opportunities.

What we can do: Empower you to scale your solutions for a wider-reaching impact.

The Adopter

A forward-thinking organisation that is making substantial strides towards a more sustainable future by embracing green solutions and incorporating them into your business practices.

What we can do: Ensure you adopt solutions that are aligned with your ambitions.

The Regulator

A guiding force that lays the path for a more sustainable future by setting frameworks, guidelines and the pace. As a rule-maker, you not only monitor performance, but also motivate and steer organisations in turning sustainable goals into action.
Uniting for a greener tomorrow

Powered by OCBC’s green financing solutions, businesses are making a real impact on the environment. It is about doing well by doing good – today and together.

Kimly Construction X Energetix X OCBC

Shaping a greener landscape is something we cannot do alone. As a pioneer in the built environment industry, Kimly Construction recognises that embracing sustainability begins today - and it starts with their own green infrastructure.

In helping businesses like Kimly Construction on solar installation, Energetix delivers clean energy solutions that harness the Sun's power to cut costs and reduce carbon footprint.

Dulwich Singapore X Uniseal X OCBC

The power of three, uniting for one cause. OCBC, Uniseal and Dulwich College have joined forces to make real changes for a greener future.

Uniseal is redefining recycling by turning plastic waste into innovative, sustainable products for Singapore’s bustling cityscape. Dulwich College is leading the way with Singapore’s first Net Zero building in an international school. More than a building, it is a dynamic lab where students are equipped to be eco-champions of tomorrow.


Join our series of webinars and stay at the forefront of sustainability to keep your business going strong. Draw valuable insights from industry professionals and learn best practices from businesses of all sizes and sectors.

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From the first and only structured finance framework developed to lower the barriers of entry for SMEs transitioning to a low-carbon economy, to smart solutions for improving energy efficiency in buildings; we offer a range of tools, programmes and partnerships to help your sustainable transition.

OCBC SME Sustainable Financing Framework

Get easier access to sustainability-linked loans as an SME.

Enterprise Financing Scheme-Green

Receive funding for your green initiatives.

Solar Financing

Harness the power of solar energy for your business.

Cooling down the red-hot technology sector

Cooling down the red-hot technology sector

KoolLogix helps data centres reduce energy consumption with its gravity-based heat removal solution, resulting in cost savings and lower carbon emissions.

our journey to net zero with large corporates

Find out more about how we partner large corporates on their unique journey towards a greener footprint.


As a trusted partner in sustainable finance, we are proud to have been named the Best Bank for Sustainable Finance in Singapore by Global Finance.

We are dedicated to supporting your aspirations through innovative financial solutions and strategic partnerships that are as fruitful as they are sustainable. These accolades are a nod to our steadfast commitment to green financing – we are not just counting beans, we are planting them too.


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