Sustainability for Businesses.
Making the impossible possible.

Make a change for a more sustainable world.

No matter the size of your business, your commitment to adopting more sustainable practices can make a real difference to your customers, community and the planet. Your contribution matters. Do well, do good.

No longer just a buzzword

Sustainability drives results, growth and opportunities for businesses. It is better for the environment and better for business.

do well do good

Small change,
big savings

Every little effort counts. We make sustainability possible for businesses of all sizes. It is good for planet, people and profit.

Beyond business-as-
usual opportunities

Access far-reaching commercial opportunities that will help grow your business as the market trends shift towards a more sustainable future. Gain positive recognition from your employees, customers and investors.

Prepare for

Do not let climate change hinder the growth of your business. Take action today to better navigate the shifts in demand, build supply chain resilience, win new contracts and access government grants.


There is no single action that will lead us to carbon neutrality. But imagine the collective impact of over 200,000 SMEs driving towards the common goal of net zero.

Watch how these homegrown SMEs across different industries do just that while scaling their businesses.


As DynaMac's trusted advisor, in collaboration with industry partners TEMBUSU Asia Consulting and Global Compact Network Singapore, we provided recommendations on various sustainability practices that can be adopted to reduce its carbon emission intensity that meets international standards. To motivate Dyna-Mac, we incentivised the company to meet its carbon emission intensity targets by extending a Sustainability Linked Loan. Watch the interview with Ah Cheng LIM, CEO of Dyna-Mac, as he tells of their journey towards sustainability via decarbonisation.


To manufacture its air filtration, Bio Pointe used to get parts from overseas sources where costs were high. Find out how a green loan helped Bio Pointe start engineering and fabricating parts independently in Singapore, which enabled the company to offer more competitive prices. This meant more customers could invest in energy-saving solutions.

BR Metals

Did you know that precious metals can be recovered from scrapped vehicles and end-of-life IT equipment. BR Metals recovers such metals so they can be reused in refineries, contributing towards a circular economy. A patented processing system reduces material wastage by 10%, recovering more precious metals and saving more finite resources for future generations. Find out how we support businesses' sustainability ambitions.


By adopting machine learning and artificial intelligence, combined with the latest tech and powerful analytics, Kaer helps buildings across Asia deliver exact cooling conditions to save over 55,000 tons of carbon dioxide every year. Find out how we support businesses' sustainability ambitions.

Liv Fresh Farms

Mr Karthik Rajan wants to revolutionise farming in Singapore. Find out how a green loan helped him set up a hightech, sustainable farm.


If we could produce food in unused urban spaces, we could help solve Singapore's food security challenges and reduce our carbon footprint and food mile. For Tampines residents, that dream is now a reality thanks to Netatech’s vertical high-tech farm. A green loan enabled the farm technology pioneer to capture sustainable development opportunities and contribute more to high-tech food production in Singapore.

SMEs: yes you can!

SMEs are coming together to make a commitment towards net zero. Join us in this shift towards a more sustainable future and make your pledge today.

Sustainability matters

Gain unparalleled insights into critical topics and be one step closer to a greener future.

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