Celebrating young enterprises that demonstrate business innovation, resilience and excellence.

Celebrating Excellence

Fostering and building a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem

The Emerging Enterprise Award continues to uphold the longstanding tradition of honouring the boldest and most ambitious young businesses under 10 years old in Singapore. It is a time when business innovation, resilience and excellence in SMEs get recognised for being the bedrock of Singapore's economy.

Since its inception in 2008, the award has empowered startups and young enterprises with resources to reach their full potential. Standout businesses vie for four coveted awards: The Emerging Enterprise Award, the Best Innovation Award, the Most Promising Startup Award and the Sustainability Award.

2021 Winners

G8 Subsea – Winner of Emerging Enterprise Award

Building and connecting offshore renewable energy projects, G8 Subsea specialises in the construction and engineering of subsea power infrastructure that connects power from offshore wind and solar farms back to land.

Nanosun – Winner of Emerging Enterprise and Best Innovation Awards

Nanosun is a water technology startup that creates 3D wastewater treatment membranes which are more cost-effective and of a higher quality than currently-used polymer membranes.

KoolLogix – Winner of Emerging Enterprise and Sustainability Awards

KoolLogix focuses on developing energy-saving solutions for data centres.

Shiok Meats – Winner of Best Innovation and Sustainability Awards

Shiok Meats uses stem cells to cultivate seafood in a laboratory, in the hope of creating a sustainable source of food that does not involve the killing of more animals.

2021 finalists

Arcstone Pte Ltd

Arcstone aims to drive digital growth in manufacturing by enabling SME manufacturers to go digital with its workflow and processes, and grants them access to a real-time dashboard.

BluOcean Security Pte Ltd

BluOcean Security reimagines the future of security solutions.

Celligenics Pte Ltd

Celligenics Pte Ltd is a biotech firm that specialises in the development of relevant solutions through stem cell technology in personalised medicine.

Crown Coffee Pte Ltd

Crown Coffee is a contactless dining concept which allows customers to order coffee through an app and collect them through pigeonholes.

Doxa Holdings International Pte Ltd

Doxa Connex is a collaborative trade platform that focuses on procurement and payment.

Dreamcore Private Limited

Dreamcore aims to revolutionise the custom PC market by providing good quality products and guiding customers through the purchase process.

GasHubUnited Utility Pte Ltd

GasHubUnited Utility specialises in LNG distribution and helps companies replace existing fuel sources such as diesel and fuel.

GenPlus Pte Ltd

GenPlus breathes new life into old EV batteries.

LionsBot International Pte Ltd

LionsBot lays the foundation for the future of cleaning.

LivFresh Pte Ltd

LivFresh is a local farm that focuses on precision farming which brings consistent, home-grown yields.

Mr Popiah Pte Ltd

Mr Popiah is run by a second-generation business owner who aims to bring local snacks to the global stage.

Our Awards

Emerging Enterprise Award

Recognising emerging enterprises with an enterprising mindset. These are businesses that show consistent, significant and sustainable growth, resulting in excellent business performance. They also display the ability to scale up and expand overseas.

Best Innovation Award

Recognising emerging enterprises with a strong culture of innovation. These are businesses that seek creative solutions to persistent problems, innovate to carve out new markets for themselves or embrace technology to transform their businesses.

Most Promising Startup Award

Recognising emerging enterprises with a strong startup spirit. These are startups that have developed a unique and commercially viable idea, which has the potential to be sustained in the long run.

Sustainability Award

Recognising emerging enterprises that serve the underserved. They create greater good for the community, environment and society.