Important notes on EasiCredit Online Promotion and Free Gift


Important Notes on EasiCredit Online Promotion and Free Gift

  1. Offer valid from 1 October 2013 to 31 December 2013 (the "Promotion Period").
  2. A total of 300 sets of NTUC FairPrice Vouchers (the "Vouchers") will be given out during the Promotion Period. Each set of Vouchers is worth S$20. 100 sets of Vouchers will be given out each calendar month to the first 100 new EasiCredit customers whose EasiCredit account is approved during the relevant calendar month within the Promotion Period.
  3. This promotion is only valid for new customers who apply for EasiCredit via online at the website
  4. This offer is NOT applicable for customers who recently closed and reapplied for EasiCredit in the last 6 months period immediately prior to the Promotion Period.
  5. Each successful customer is to maintain the approved EasiCredit account for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of approval, failing which, the retail price of the gift of S$20 (or such other amount as may be determined by OCBC Bank at its sole and absolute discretion) will be debited from the EasiCredit account or any account of the customer with OCBC Bank.
  6. The eligibility of each customer to receive a gift shall be determined at the absolute discretion of OCBC Bank.
  7. A redemption letter or SMS notification will be sent to each of the successful customers within 2 months from the date of approval of the opening of each of such customer's EasiCredit account.
  8. The gift is not exchangeable for cash or other items. OCBC Bank reserves the right at its sole and absolute discretion to replace any gift with any item(s) of similar value. OCBC Bank shall not be responsible for the quality, merchantability or the fitness for any purpose or any other aspect of any gift.
  9. Notwithstanding anything herein, OCBC Bank shall not at any time be responsible or held liable for any defect or malfunction in any gift, and/or for any loss, injury, damage or harm suffered or incurred by or in connection with the use of any gift by any person.
  10. OCBC Bank reserves the right to terminate the promotion or waive/vary/amend any of these terms and conditions without notice.
  11. The decision of OCBC Bank on all matters relating to this offer shall be final and binding.