OCBC Token

Our token protects your important
online transactions, giving you
peace of mind when you do your
banking online.

How to Activate Token

The OCBC token is a personal security device that allows you to generate the One-Time Password (OTP) that is needed to login to OCBC Online Banking and carry out transactions that require OTP.

The OCBC token also provides higher security with the SIGN button. It creates unique codes, after you input transaction-specific numbers into the device, which are necessary to complete selective important transactions.

Token Table

Activating your new OCBC Token

Log in to OCBC Online Banking and activate your new OCBC token in 3 simple steps:

Activate Now

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How do you request for the new OCBC token?


You will be automatically prompted to request for the token after you have logged in to OCBC Online Banking.

Once you receive your token, please activate it immediately.