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Investment opportunities

May 2024

Opportunities exist despite market volatility

Expect markets to stay volatile in the short term given a confluence of economic and geopolitical uncertainties. However, opportunities exist for medium term investors with the risk appetite and patience. In our view, the broader medium-term outlook remains positive given decent economic and earnings fundamentals, and an abundance of liquidity on the sidelines.

Positive outlook for Japanese equities

The Bank of Japan (BOJ) ended its negative interest rate policy at its March monetary policy meeting. Given that the BOJ said, the accommodative financial conditions will be maintained for the time being, we believe this dovish outlook will provide some assurance to the Japanese equity market.

In addition, investors who invest in Japanese equities on an unhedged basis can benefit from potential currency gains too if the Yen (JPY) appreciates in time to come, especially if the US Federal Reserve cuts rates.

Structured Investments

Theme: Getting real on returns

In the longer term, Japanese companies exposed to secular growth trends such as industrial automation and generative AI (which can help alleviate the burden of Japan’s ageing population and shrinking labour force) stand to benefit 

  • Fanuc Corporation is well positioned for long-term, secular growth in the factory automation (FA) and industrial robotics industry, as the world’s largest computer numerical control and industrial robotics manufacturer. The robot division is Fanuc's largest business by sales, and the company is considered one of the big four in the industrial robotics space. As FA continues to grow across a variety of industries, Fanuc will be able to provide its robots to not just its current main customer base like the automotive and electronics industries (for example General Motors, Audi and Panasonic), but will be able to further expand its customer base in other industries such as food and healthcare.

  • Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd is a top global supplier of passive components (necessary for all electronic circuits) for electronic devices, with 40% global share of multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) and 40%-45% global share on surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters. Murata’s expertise in manufacturing smaller components is also expected to help maintain its market position in the industry. Various regulations for safety and environment require automobiles to adopt more electronic devices and controlling units. Thus, the growth of passive components per car is exceeding auto production. Murata’s market share of auto MLCCs is approximately 50% and revenue from auto is 19% of entire sales.


This bond is suitable for those looking for a quality corporate bond; Temasek Holdings as a major shareholder.

Singapore Airlines Ltd (USD)

This callable bond pays a coupon 3.375% p.a., with call date on 19 Nov 2028. It matures on 19 Jan 2029 if it has not been called.

For the third quarter ended 31 Dec 2023 (3QFY2024), revenue was higher by 4.9% year on year (y-o-y) on the back of higher passenger flown revenue (+10.6% y-o-y). The increase in passenger revenue was partly offset by cargo flown revenue which fell by 35.1% y-o-y. While the softer cargo outlook and possibility of softer passenger yield was highlighted by the company in past updates, SIA’s 3QFY2024 was also dragged by an increase in expenditure of 9.3% y-o-y, mainly attributable to an increase in non-fuel expenditure and lower fuel hedging gains. Consequently, operating profit was S$609mn, declining by 19.3% y-o-y, and net profit was higher by 4.9% y-o-y at S$658.7mn.

SIA’s gross debt-to-EBITDA is healthy at 2.5x. SIA still has about S$1.5bn of principal amount outstanding on the additional Mandatory Convertible Bonds (MCBs). These are intended to be redeemed, although the timing is not yet certain. When we conservatively assume the remaining MCBs as debt (given the intention to redeem), we find adjusted gross debt-to-EBITDA at 2.8x.


JPMorgan Global Income Fund

The JPMorgan Global Income Fund is a global, multi-asset income fund that aims to provide regular income by investing primarily in a portfolio of income generating securities, globally, and through the use of derivatives. The fund seeks income opportunities from around the globe and aims to provide investors with a consistent and potentially attractive income. 

Bond Funds

PIMCO GIS Income Fund

The PIMCO GIS Income Fund is designed for investors who seek steady income with a secondary goal of capital appreciation. It takes a broad-based approach to investing in income-generating bonds. The fund aims to achieve this by employing PIMCO’s best income-generating ideas across global fixed income sectors. 

AB American Income Portfolio

The AB American Income Portfolio is a fund that invests in US dollar-denominated Fixed Income securities. The fund dynamically balances credit and duration through investments in high yield and emerging market sectors to enhance income and dampen interest-rate risk, and in high-quality government bonds to alleviate credit risk when markets are stressed. The fund also limits its exposure to below investment-grade rated bonds to 50% and avoids CCC-rated issuers. 

Equity Funds

AB Low Volatility Equity Portfolio Fund

The AB Low Volatility Equity Portfolio fund is a global equity fund seeking capital growth through securities of companies that the fund manager believes have lower volatility. Its investment approach focuses on Quality, Stability and Price, where the fund seeks high quality stocks of companies with stable performance and predictable earnings, trading at attractive prices. The fund also has distribution share classes for investors looking for dividend income.


The divergence in US inflation versus the rest of the world, including Europe, Switzerland, Canada and China has also resulted in a deepening of Federal Reserve policy divergence versus other central banks, including the European Central Bank (ECB), Swiss National Bank (SNB), Bank of Canada (BOC) and the Chinese central bank (PBOC). This is also adding to US Dollar (USD) strength. Given the USD’s yield advantage and the US exceptionalism narrative, the USD may continue to stay supported until US data starts to show more signs of softening or when the Fed’s hawkish rhetoric softens. For the year, we still expect the USD to trend slightly lower towards year-end once the Fed is done tightening and embarks on a rate-cut cycle in time.

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