We have been talking to people who are in various stages of planning retirement to understand how they prepare towards their retirement.

Here’s what we hear from conversations:

Common questions:

Our view:

Is my property an asset or a liability?

Your property can be a good asset and a source of passive income.
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Are my savings idling away or fighting inflation?

As inflation remains higher than interest rates, your savings may actually be losing their value.
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Is my CPF enough?

While CPF can be a big help, factors like higher minimum sums and spiraling costs make it unlikely that it will ever be enough.
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Retirement is an important aspect of life, and it’s not just about having a property, relying on CPF or savings accounts. It is about managing your money, assets and liabilities in a holistic way to retire comfortably.

Whether you are in the early stage of planning or nearing your retirement, you need to ensure that you:

Safeguard yourself, your family, your assets and ability to pay liabilities

Build your retirement fund and grow your assets

Manage your cash flow 

retirement plan

While insurance or asset management companies can offer certain types of solutions for your retirement, we, as a bank, can offer a whole suite of financial products that can be tailored to your unique situation.

Let us help you revise your retirement plans holistically.

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