Is my CPF enough?

While our lifelong CPF savings will be enough to cover our basic retirement needs, with factors like inflation and rising standards of living, your savings may not be enough to cover your desired standard of living. There are simple ways to get much more out of your CPF.

By Gregory Choy
Head of Wealth Advisory, Wealth Management Singapore

Retirement Sum

From S$80,000 in July 2003 to $161,000 in July 2015, the Full Retirement Sum has been adjusted to account for inflation, longer life expectancies and Singaporeans' rising expectations of their quality of life post-retirement.

While you can withdraw your savings above the Basic Retirement Sum (which is half the Full Retirement Sum) if you own property, it will mean lower CPF LIFE monthly pay-outs in the future.

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CPF Savings

Maximum Return

The savings in your CPF account can earn up to 5% of risk-free interest. Your savings could potentially grow at an even faster rate by investing them in higher yielding assets under the CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS).

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