Singapore Government Securities

Build your wealth
with Singapore
Government Securities

Singapore Government Securities (SGS) are debt instruments
backed by the full credit of the Singapore Government.
There are three types of offerings: Singapore Savings Bonds,
Singapore Government Bonds and Treasury Bills.


How to apply



Good Credit Ratings -
Safe & Secure
Diversification to your
investment portfolio
Liquidity to buy and sell
anytime in the market



Overview and Key Features

Singapore Savings Bonds Singapore Government Bonds Treasury Bills
Customer's objective Suitable for Savings Suitable for Investment Suitable for Investment
How long? Long term investment 10 years Long term investment > 1 year Short term investment 1 year
Minimum investment SGD 500 SGD 1,000 SGD 1,000
Interest Payments Every 6 months Every 6 months Nil, sold at a discount
Tradability/Redemption Redeemable via Online Banking and ATM

Able to redeem for full principal with accrued interest at no penalty
Prices are subject to market conditions when traded in the exchange Prices are subject to market conditions when traded in the exchange
Prices Fixed and published by the Monetary Authority of Singapore(MAS) before application Determined by an auction Determined by an auction


Before you apply



You will need an OCBC savings/current account.
Click here to apply.


An individual CDP securities account.
You need to have your CDP securities account ready and linked to your bank account through Direct Crediting Service.

How to apply

At an ATM

Visit an ATM near you

Find nearest branch to apply


More information

For more information on Singapore Savings Bonds, please visit

For ATM related enquiries, please call OCBC at 1800-363-3333.