Term Coverage

Affordable protection & assurance for you
& your loved ones over a fixed period of time

Get protection from unfortunate events and benefit from adequate life coverage at affordable premiums.

  • More comprehensive term coverage starting from a sum assured of S$50,000
  • Receive a payout upon Death or Total & Permanent Disability
  • Coverage for Terminal or Critical Illnesses also applies for certain plans

Basic coverage

Choose either S$50,000 or S$100,000 life coverage with our guaranteed issuance plans.

  • No medical examination required and no health questions asked
  • Guaranteed acceptance
  • Affordable premiums which start as low as S$9 monthly
  • Automatic renewability yearly up to age 65

Advanced coverage

Get an enhanced level of protection and coverage for 37 Critical Illnesses.

  • For those who need coverage of S$100,000 and above
  • Option to add Critical Illness coverage
  • Choice of policy term between 5 and 40 years

Comprehensive coverage

Get comprehensive protection for 37 Critical Illnesses and 5 Advanced Stage Critical Illnesses.

  • Continues to protect after your first claim on Critical Illness or Total & Permanent Disability
  • Future premiums are waived upon claim on Critical Illness (except Angioplasty) or Total & Permanent Disability
  • Pays up to 160% of sum assured if diagnosed with any of the 5 Advanced Stage Critical Illnesses
  • Offers full refund of premiums if no claims were made at the end of the policy term

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