ATM Card Replacement

We are replacing old ATM cards.

The new cards come with a security chip that keeps
your money more secure.

We are taking this opportunity to offer you a choice between

Receiving a
replacement ATM card

  • No annual fees
  • Pay for purchases with NETS
  • Withdraw cash from ATM locally and overseas

To receive a replacement ATM card

You don't have to do anything. You will receive your replacement card 2 months after receiving your notification letter.



Free upgrade to
YES! Debit Card

  • No annual fees
  • Pay for purchases with NETS
  • Local & overseas ATM cash withdrawal
  • Wave & Go payment
  • Contactless payment
  • Sign for your purchases
  • Make online and overseas purchases with VISA
  • Access to OCBC card promotions and discounts

To upgrade to YES! Debit Card

Within the month of receiving your notification letter:

• Log in to your Internet Banking account > Click on "Choose Now" button from the announcement box.

– OR –

• Fill up the form provided in the letter and mail it back to OCBC (free postage)

More questions?

Chip cards are safer than magnetic stripe cards. As your bank, we are always concerned about providing you an even safer banking environment.

Compared to a magnetic stripe card, a chip card is able to store more data that uniquely identifies the card and the cardholder. This makes it nearly impossible for your ATM chip card to be tampered with.

For added security, we require our customers to activate any card that they receive from us. For your easy reference, please refer to the card mailer to see how you can activate your new ATM chip card.

Please refer to the card mailer for the simple steps to do so. Once you have activated your new ATM chip card, you should immediately destroy your old ATM card by cutting it in half and disposing of it.

You may activate your new card by logging in to OCBC Internet Banking or visiting any OCBC branch. Please do so within 5 days from the day your old card was terminated.

Please visit any OCBC branch for a new replacement ATM card.

Please activate your new ATM chip card first. Once you have done so, you should cut up your old card into half and dispose of it.

Your current ATM card will be cancelled three months upon receipt of the letter enclosed. For your security, if you have not activated the new ATM chip card, it will also be cancelled one month thereafter. You will then need to visit a branch to obtain a replacement.

You can present your new ATM chip card for payment as usual. Instead of swiping your ATM card, the cashier will insert your ATM chip card into the Point Of Sale terminal to process your payment.

Yes. If you have already activated this service , there will be no interruption to you. If you would like to add this service now, you can conveniently opt in for this through Online Banking, or by visiting any of our branches.

If you receive the new ATM card, your current PIN will work with your new ATM chip card. If you have forgotten your PIN, please visit any of our branches to select a new PIN.

If you are receiving a new YES! Debit Card, you will require a new PIN with your card.
If activating via ATM: you will be prompted to enter a new PIN immediately
If activating via Internet Banking: You will receive a new PIN by mail within 7 working days. Please use your old card until then.

For your convenience, all accounts linked on your current ATM card have been carried over to your new ATM chip card. You can check which accounts are linked at any OCBC ATM. If you need to add or remove any of these linked accounts, please visit our website to download the form or any branch.

The YES! Debit Card no longer comes with the ez-link function. The feature has been removed since 1 Nov 2013

If you require more help, call us at 1800 363 3333 or send an email to
If you are overseas, call us at (65) 6363 3333.