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    Important notice for bookings

    Reasons to Travel with OCBC
    Spend and Earn miles

    Unlock a new way to earn more miles with the OCBC 90°N Card

    Let every dollar you spend bring you closer to unlocking your travel dreams.

    • Earn 2.1 Miles per S$1 on Foreign Currency spend.
    • Earn 1.3 Miles per S$1 on all SGD spend.

    Fees, charges, T&Cs apply.

    Travel better with OCBC
    Save on FX fees when you pay with your OCBC Debit Card

    Enjoy hassle-free payments with your OCBC Debit Card when you spend overseas or online in up to 9 major currencies, including AUD, EUR, GBP, JPY and USD.

    Have a desired rate? Get real-time notifications on your preferred FX rates with Rate Alerts and lock them in with Auto-execute orders.

    Find out more

    Tips for travelling with your card

    Activate your card for overseas usage, track your spending or even block your card. Find out how you can do it all and more with the OCBC Digital app.

    Here are a few tips to be travel-ready with your card:

    Activate your card for overseas use

    Enable magnetic stripe usage for purchases or ATM withdrawals.

    Monitor your transactions

    Keep track and stay updated on your card transactions.

    Manage your cards on the go

    Report disputed transactions, or block or replace your card while overseas.

    Have enquiries but unable to call us?

    Contact us at your convenience anytime, anywhere, with zero roaming fees via the secured mailbox on the OCBC Digital app^.

    ^Responses will take 3-5 working days.

    Start planning your travels

    Get exclusive preferential rates when you Travel with OCBC!

    Common questions about Travel with OCBC
    How do I log in to Travel with OCBC?

    You can log in using your OCBC Online Banking Access code and PIN. You will need an OCBC card to make a booking. If you do not have an OCBC Card, you may apply for one instantly.

    What do I need to access Travel with OCBC?

    A valid OCBC Credit or Debit Card and OCBC Online Banking credentials are required to use the travel booking features and services on the portal. You will need to log in with your OCBC Online Banking credentials to make a booking and pay with your OCBC credit or debit card, and/or with reward points.

    You may search for hotels, flights or car rentals without logging in.

    Are there special rates on Travel with OCBC?

    Yes! Enjoy preferential hotel rates, exclusively for OCBC cardholders. For these rates, please login with your OCBC Online Banking credentials on Travel with OCBC.

    Can I pay with my OCBC reward points?

    Yes, you may use your OCBC reward points to instantly offset the total cost for hotels, flights and car rentals booked on Travel with OCBC. The following reward point programmes are eligible: VOYAGE Miles, 90°N Miles and OCBC$. There are no black-out dates or waitlisted tickets, even when you book with your reward points.


    Travel with OCBC

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    Foreign Currency

    • Foreign currency deposits are subject to inherent exchange rate fluctuation that may provide opportunities and risks. Consequently, exchange rate fluctuations may affect the value of your foreign currency investments or deposits.

    • Earning on foreign currency investments or deposits may change depending on the exchange rates prevalent at the time of their maturity if you choose to convert.

    • Exchange controls may apply to certain foreign currencies from time to time.

    • Any pre-termination costs will be taken and deducted from your deposit directly and without notice.

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