Child Development Account (CDA)

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We know you want the very best for your little one. That's why we offer you more than any other bank. Have a look at all the exclusive benefits you'll get while enjoying up to 2% p.a.^ on your OCBC CDA.



on medical spend, on top of existing benefits with OCBC 365 Credit Card

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3% cashback on medical spends with your OCBC 365 Credit Card

You also get up to 6% cash back on local dining, and 3% on overseas dining, online shopping, groceries and recurring telco bills. Up to 18.3% on petrol at ESSO service stations.

Cashback amount is capped at S$80 per calendar month.

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Cash Gift

into your OCBC CDA with MaxMaternity Care pregnancy protection plan

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Get S$108 cash gift when you purchase MaxMaternity Care

The first maternity insurance plan that covers mothers from as early as 13 weeks into pregnancy, and protects your baby from 18 congenital diseases and 8 types of pregnancy complications.

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Up to



at participating merchants with the OCBC Baby Bonus Card

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Enjoy up to 50% off with the OCBC Baby Bonus Card

Enjoy savings and offers for learning courses, optical shops, kids’ activities, bookshops and more.

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Up to


per annum

with the OCBC Monthly
Savings Account

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Up to 0.8% p.a. when you save with the OCBC Mighty Savers® Programme

Start saving for your child with the OCBC Monthly Savings Account – from as little as S$50 a month—and surprise your child with exciting gifts too.

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Cash Gift

Into your OCBC CDA for your protection and endowment plans

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Get S$100 cash gift when you purchase Protection & Endowment Plans

It’s never too early to give your child a headstart in life. Learn how our Senior Investment Strategist, Vasu Menon creatively plans for his child as early as birth. Use our OCBC Education Planner to see how much you need to save for their tertiary education.

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off premiums

for parent and child coverage under PA Protect, a personal accident plan

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Get 40% off PA Protect

It pays to be prepared for the unexpected. Purchase the adult plan along with the child plan, plus the child rider, and enjoy 40% off.

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About the Child Development Account

The CDA is designed to give your child a head start in life by matching your savings dollar-for-dollar. With the OCBC CDA, you can get higher interests and extra benefits too.

  • 1

    Save any time until your child turns 12 – right up to December 31 of that year.

  • 2

    Your savings are matched dollar-for-dollar, up to the cap set by the Government.

  • Your savings in the CDA are matched dollar-for-dollar by the Government, up to the following limits:

  • Build Child Future

    S$6,000 each

    for 1st & 2nd child
    Child Development Savings Account illustration 1

    S$12,000 each

    for 3rd & 4th child

    S$18,000 each

    for 5th child and onwards
  • 3

    When your child turns 13, the unspent balance goes to their Post Secondary Education Account (PSEA), making it easier to pay education fees.

You can use the funds at any Baby Bonus Approved Instituition to pay for:


  • Child care centres, kindergartens and special education schools
  • Providers of early intervention programmes
  • Providers of assistive technology devices

Health care

  • Pay for your child's medical-related expenses or purchase MediShield or Medisave-approved private integrated plans

We know you will have your hands full after your child is born. That is why you may now do a pre-birth registration as early as 8 weeks before the estimated delivery date of your child at Baby Bonus Online.

Your child will automatically join the Baby Bonus Scheme upon birth registration, and his OCBC CDA will be opened within 3-5 working days.

Visit Baby Bonus Online to perform pre-birth registration today. Remember to select OCBC CDA!

Learn how the OCBC CDA can benefit your child

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Parents-to-be are you prepared for your new baby and new responsibilities?

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OCBC Child Development Account Maximise

Are you maximising your child’s CDA baby bonus?

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How to apply


Visit Baby Bonus Online and choose OCBC Child Development Account.

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