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Take the first step – find out how our OCBC Young Bankers Graduate Programme supports your career goals and personal aspirations. This programme is designed for graduates from across all academic disciplines. You don’t necessarily need a Business or Economics degree. We believe in success beyond the classroom, and hire Engineering, Computing, Arts and Science majors as well. The essence of your first 12-months with us is to let us help you build a strong foundation in Banking regardless of your discipline, and prepare you for success as a future leader in OCBC.

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We seek go-getters with high levels of motivation and drive, those who seek to build a career in the banking industry.

Other qualities that put you in strong standing for the programme are:
- a degree with good honours;
- stellar extra-curricular achievements;
- model leadership, and a penchant for problem-solving and new challenges; and
- less than 2 years of working experience.

You may apply online during the application period, and shortlisted candidates will be duly informed at the end of the selection process.


For 2018 Young Bankers Graduate Programme, we are hiring for the following divisions:

Global Consumer Financial Services (GCFS)

Global Consumer Financial Services serves almost 3 million customers across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China. In Singapore, our customer proposition caters to different life-stages and needs ranging from Mighty Savers for children and young families, FRANK by OCBC for the youths and young working adults to OCBC Premier Banking for affluent individuals. Besides being the pioneer in various banking products and services which includes FRANK by OCBC, full-service Sunday Banking and award-wining Online Banking, we are also the market leader for Bancassurance sales.

The GCFS track is specially designed to provide you with a holistic development as we understand the challenges you face as you enter the working world. Apart from equipping you with technical skills and business knowledge, we will also ensure that you become competent in critical skills like customer service, analytics, and process improvement while learning to work collaboratively and becoming more comfortable around senior management.

You will be assigned to your home department which allows you to gain an overview of how your department operates while having the opportunity to know colleagues from other departments and divisions. To accelerate your learning and development, you will participate in departmental and cross-departmental projects so that you have exposure of how GCFS and the bank operate. You will also participate in various developmental activities, including those related to CSR. These activities are specially designed to allow you to have opportunities to interact with senior management as well as to expand your network.

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Global Corporate Bank (GCB)

Global Corporate Bank manages corporate relationships for companies ranging from small and medium enterprises to large corporations and institutional clients across diverse industries.

As a Young Banker in Global Corporate Bank, you will be given the opportunity to master Corporate Banking products and service our corporate customers, ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to large conglomerates. You will be trained professionally to deliver solutions-oriented and prompt after-sales service for corporate customers at our Commercial Service Centre, and thereafter be rotated to another department within Global Corporate Bank to assist in managing a portfolio of corporate customers, servicing their businesses with the full range of financial products and services, including Credit, Cash Management, Trade & Payments, Supply Chain Finance Solutions and Treasury products.   You may also choose to become a product specialist/manager in our transaction banking unit, focusing on providing products and services to make banking simpler and more convenient for corporate customers, especially SMEs.

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 Group Human Resources (GHR)

Group Human Resources is the organisational function that provides thought leadership and advice for all people issues in the organisation. We focus on the recruitment, development and engagement of, people to enable them to contribute effectively and productively to the accomplishment of the organisation's goals and objectives.

At Group Human Resources, we manage compensation, hiring, performance management, organisation development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, talent management and training. Additional programmes include employee and community outreach, employee engagement activities, which may extend to involve employee families.

We see your talent: If you are curious, driven to learn, enjoy exploring new ideas, love experimenting and connecting with others to achieve outcomes, we want to develop you.

We see your growth: In the first 12 months of the programme, in addition to your foundational training, we will expose you to various functions of Group Human Resources and our service value chain partners.

We see your impact: You would be supported and equipped with skill sets to help you deliver on your role. You can expect to be challenged in real business context. You will see how your value is brought to the table and the impact you make.

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Group Legal & Regulatory Compliance (GLRC)

Group Legal and Regulatory Compliance Division supports OCBC Group in all legal and regulatory compliance matters. The division helps ensure that the various businesses adopt a comprehensive framework, policies and procedures to comply with relevant laws, rules and regulations issued by Monetary Authority of Singapore and other local regulators.

The Group Anti Money Laundering Young Banker will be part of the team that has responsibilities of managing and maintaining the organisation's obligations as it relates to the supervision and reporting of money laundering and terrorist financing activities. In addition to the development of appropriate AML/CFT & Sanctions policies, procedures, the team is instrumental in designing and ensuring the AML/CFT & Sanctions framework remains robust to manage the risk associated to money laundering, terrorist financing and sanctions

  • Develop risk assessment methodologies and AML/CFT & Sanctions Compliance Programs that form core pillars of the AML/CFT Framework;
  • Analyze multiple sources of data to draw insights and intelligence in order monitor, detect and combat money laundering and financial crime activities.
  • Work on new technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning to better support the surveillance processes.
  • Provide advice and oversight support relating to anti money laundering notices and regulatory developments.
  • Undertake investigation of potential money laundering activities and file Suspicious Transactions Report.
  • Prepare reports and analysis to update the Board, senior management and regulators
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Group Operations and Technology (GO&T)

Group Operations and Technology is on a digital journey to build solutions that reimagine banking for our customers and create a technology-led internal culture. We are recognised for our thought leadership, innovation mindset, and investment into people development. Seen as the key competitive differentiator, GO&T provides IT & processing support across the bank's business lines such as consumer and corporate banking. Considered to be the core engine of the Bank, GO&T supports the growth expansion strategies within OCBC Group.  It runs the bank’s regional processing centres and technology operations; drives a dynamic quality and innovation culture for continuous process improvement and service excellence. 

If you love challenges and exploring new ideas, we want to maximize your potential and develop you to be part of this dynamic team. In the first 12 months of the program, you will be given the opportunity to rotate into various departments of GO&T and this will provide you with a good understanding of the various roles and activities and develop an appreciation of GO&T’s contribution towards supporting the Bank’s businesses. With the support of your line managers and working with your colleagues, you will be able to leverage OCBC’s scale by simplifying, standardizing and integrating existing business processes and technology applications. You will interact with business partners to deliver technology and process solutions that meet customers’ requirements.  Through the program, you will have a team that supports the development of your professional skills and have a mentor who will guide you in your career.  You will broaden your exposure through networking opportunities with Senior Management and working on projects. If you enjoy challenges and want to push yourself beyond limits, this is the role for you!


We are looking for passionate technologists who are keen to be part of our digital journey. You should have knowledge of one or more of the following: programming languages (Python, Javascript, Java, C++, C#, HTML), data analytics, machine learning, cloud computing and networking.

In “Run The Bank”, you will be challenged to support and improve Bank-wide IT Services through departments like Application Services, Technology Infrastructure & Data Center Support. You may also experience a role in “Change-The-Bank” through Systems Delivery as you deliver new system designs that respond to the clients’ changing needs.


In the operations role, you will be part of the team to leverage on technology to enhance processes in the execution of daily transactions with a focus on improving customer experience.  You will also derive insights from data analytics and research to support key decisions. 

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Group Risk Management (GRM)

Group Risk Management oversees the management of credit, market and operational risks for the bank and its financial subsidiaries.

We adopt the best in-class risk management practices to establish a sound risk control framework in order to protect the Group against losses that could arise from taking risks beyond its risk appetite while enabling the Group to maximise its risk-adjusted return on capital.

On a day-to-day basis, GRM has functional responsibility for providing independent risk control and managing credit, market, operational, liquidity and other key risks. Within the division, risk officers are dedicated to establishing Group-wide policies, risk measurement and methodology, as well as monitoring the Group’s risk profiles and portfolio concentrations. GRM also has a dedicated unit that manages risk remediation.

Risk functions extend across the Bank, with excellent work opportunities across geography such as Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong and Private Banking through the Bank of Singapore. It also extends to OCBC Group members such as Great Eastern Insurance, OCBC Securities and OCBC NISP.

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OCBC Securities Private Limited (OSPL)

OCBC Securities Private Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of OCBC Bank and a member of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST) and the Singapore Exchange Derivatives Trading Limited (SGX-DT).

Established in 1986, we are one of the leading securities and futures broking firms in Singapore providing full brokerage services for securities, derivatives and leveraged foreign exchange trading.

OCBC Securities is mandated to provide the best electronic platform for our retail and institutional customers to execute trades in listed products, futures and foreign exchange contracts in the most efficient way using technology. Customers can trade both locally and globally with our extensive network of connectivity.

We are recruiting for the following position

We are looking for an energetic and achievement-oriented individual who is prepared for a broad based career development at this point in his/ her professional development journey. We offer you opportunities for professional growth, such as the option to assume different portfolios within the company, as we work together towards a middle management career in a capital markets environment for the medium term. High learning agility and openness to portfolio rotations are important considerations, as part of the selection process. When responding to us, it is important that you indicate 2 preferred areas of interest from the below mentioned work functions. 

You will be rotated through the various functions, hosted by the respective departments such as:-

  • Sales and Service Track   - Marketing, Products, Securities Sales and Trading (SST) or
  • Governance Track            - Compliance, Risk, Licensing(with Retail Agency), Finance or
  • Technology Track             - iOCBC & Market Development     

Whichever career track you are keen on, you will begin with Customer Service as this is usually the first service touchpoint for our clients with OSPL.

Thereafter, depending on the individual’s career aspiration and inclination, we can channel you towards the appropriate career track.

During your attachment with our Customer Service Department, you will learn how to attend to customers’ requests and enquiries from various channels including face-to-face interactions, through phone or email correspondences. You will process account applications from individuals, companies or financial institutions, performing account opening screening and checks in accordance with regulatory requirements and company’s policies. You will need to attend to customers’ requests for various services promptly and efficiently, upholding our service and quality standards. You can work on projects to improve onboarding experience and processes for our customers and be a champion for service excellence and quality assurance initiatives.

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•    Do I need to have a Business or Banking background to be qualified for 
      the programme?

     We welcome all disciplines to join the Young Bankers Programme. The programme begins with 
     comprehensive industry orientation, followed by extensive training, in-depth job rotations and 
     guidance from senior managers in order to equip our Young Bankers with 
     a strong banking foundation.

•    Do I need to have any work experience? 
     The programme is open to candidates with less than 2 years of working experience with
     at least a Bachelor's degree with good honours.

•    How many rotations will I get?
     There will be 2 or more rotations to other departments within your home division. 
     The rotations are mapped to help your role in your home department.

•    When does the Young Bankers Programme start?
     The programme will commence on 29th June 2018. If you are up for the challenge, 
     apply for the Young Bankers Programme today!

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