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Get smart when selecting furniture

Get smart when selecting furniture

  • 1 July 2019
  • OCBC Home Loans

Unsure of what to look out for when choosing your furniture? We help you break down the main areas you should consider when investing in select pieces for your future home.

Furniture plays a huge part in home design. It ought to be an expression of your style, but also be functional.

You do need to do a bit of homework before you begin to shop. This is the best way to avoid the “shiny object problem” of being excited about your foray into the world of furnishings, where it might be tempting to dive head-first into amassing pieces you’ve flagged on Pinterest.

Read this guide, before you hit the shops and whip out the credit card.

1. Design

The first thing you’ll want to ask yourself is, what overall look can you live with for a long period of time? It’s hard to visualise a whole theme, but OneAdvisorHome has got your back. First, click here for inspiration, and to find what’s closest to the ideal in your mind.

Through this selection process, you’ll be able to get in gear for the right furniture, which should be an expression of your overall theme, your sense of style and your personality. Don’t rule out personalising off-the-rack pieces, tweaking the finishes and coverings, which will ensure that your home won’t look like your neighbour’s.

2. Quality

Look at furniture as if it’s an investment, and go for quality pieces. Admittedly, designer pieces will cost more upfront. But lower-quality pieces have a lifespan of just a few years, and you’ll find that you spend money replacing them each time the need arises.

Be smart about where you can save, however. Always be on the lookout for online and in-store deals with the furniture brands you can trust. Get cozy with the sales representatives and ask when the next sale period is coming up.

3. Safety

If you’ve got children or seniors in the mix, you’ve got to make furniture choices for them too. For example, chairs and tables which have a low centre of gravity are less likely to topple over and thus are less of a safety hazard.

The material of the furniture is a huge point to consider with kids in the home. Opt for toxin free materials for your child’s safety. In Singapore, Kuhl Home carries child-friendly furniture suitable for both kids and elders.

4. Comfort

Never purchase a piece for looks alone – it’ll end up being a white elephant. To get around this, be ready to test. Bring your iPad along and ask your sales assistant if it’s all right to read a chapter of a book while checking out a sofa. We don’t recommend having a takeaway lunch in a showroom, but sit at a dining table for a few minutes perhaps checking your email or having a glass of water, to suss out the table’s height and to see if it’s appropriate for your needs. Do this even if you’re into ergonomically created furniture, for it makes a difference to your well-being to be posturally supported in the right ways. Plus, you want to maximise floor space and truly use each piece of furniture you bring into your home.


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