Changes in HSBC banking details from 9 May 2016

Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, Singapore Branch (“HSBC Singapore Branch”) is subsidiarising its Retail Banking and Wealth Management business in Singapore (the “RBWM Business”) whereby retail accounts of the RBWM Business of the HSBC Singapore Branch (the “HSBC Singapore Branch Retail Accounts”) will be automatically transferred to a locally incorporated subsidiary, HSBC Bank (Singapore) Limited (the “Subsidiary”).

How it impacts you

If you have made any recurring or future- dated funds transfer to a HSBC Account via OCBC Online Banking, you will need to take the following actions.

What you need to do

Please check with your recipient or HSBC Singapore Branch on the account type of the HSBC Account. If the recipient account is a HSBC Personal account, please follow the instructions below with effect from 9 May 2016 (0900hr). If you do not take the following actions after 9 May 2016 (0900hr), funds transfer to HSBC personal banking account will be rejected.

Future-dated / recurring funds transfer

Below are the actions required to be taken from 9 May 2016 (0900hr).

  1. Login to OCBC Internet Banking
  2. On the “Payment & transfer” tab of the top navigation, select “Transfer funds” in the dropdown menu
  3. Select “Manage future-dated and recurring transfer” on the left menu
  4. Select the affected fund transfer to HSBC personal banking account and click on “Delete”. Ensure that the status is changed to “Deleted”.
  5. After deletion, select “Add & manage payees” on the left menu
  6. Select the affected HSBC personal banking accounts that you wish to delete and click on “Delete account”
  7. Click on “Add account” under the category “Accounts at other banks in Singapore” and select “HSBC (Personal)”as the bank name.
  8. Fill in the required details and a token password will be required to successfully add the new HSBC payee with the updated details
  9. Select “Make a transfer” on the left menu
  10. Click on make a transfer “to another bank account in Singapore”
  11. Enter the details of the transfer and click on “Submit”.

For more information on the change in HSBC Banking details, please visit