New Car Financing

Finance your new car purchase with OCBC


    • Age 21 and above
    • Singaporeans, Singapore PRs and foreigners
    • For applicants who purchase new cars from car distributors / parallel importers

    How to apply  


    Financing of up to


    of the total car price

    Repayment period of up to

    7 years


    Calculate your estimated monthly repayments


    Application Process

    • 1Speak to your car dealer
    • Wait
    • 2Sign documents
    • Wait
    • 3Collect your car
    • 4Begin Monthly Repayments
    • 1

      Apply for OCBC Car Financing through your car dealer

      Need to provide

      A copy of your ID card
      Your income documents:
      Computerised payslip;
      Income tax notice of assessment; or
      Latest 6 months CPF contribution
      Completed application form
      Work permit (for foreigners only)

      Need to pay

      Initial deposit

    • Your dealer will inform you on your finance
      approval within the next 24 hours.

    • 2

      Meet your dealer to sign documents
      Your dealer will contact you to arrange for this meeting.

      Need to sign

      Hire Purchase Agreement

      Need to bring

      Your ID card

      Need to pay

      Any remaining downpayment (difference between purchase price and approved finance amount) to your dealer

      Things to note

      Your dealer might collect the first month’s instalment

    • Your dealer will do the following and update you on the progress:

      Order your car (if out of stock)
      Bid for new car COE
      Register your car
    • 3

      Collect your car
      Your dealer will contact you to arrange for this meeting when your car is ready for collection.

      Hire Purchase Agreement

      OCBC will mail the Hire Purchase Agreement to you with the monthly instalment amount and payment due date specified.

    • 4

      Make monthly repayments

      For your convenience

      Set up your payments via GIRO 462kb

      Other payment methods

      Drop your cheque into any of our cheque deposit boxes
      Make cash payments in person at any of our bank branches

    How to apply

    Get us to call you by providing us with your contact details.

    Complete online enquiry form

    Call our hotline


    6363 3333

    Operating hours are from
    9am to 5pm, Mondays to Fridays
    (excluding public holidays)


    Terms and conditions

    The maximum finance amount a customer is entitled to is based on the open market value of the car.

    Open market valueMaximum finance amount
    ≤ S$20,000 70%^
    > S$20,000 60%^

    ^Based on the purchase price or valuation of the car, whichever is lower.