MaxLife Protector 2

A lifetime of protection for you and your family

Pay premiums for

only 15 years
Coverage increases


Option to include riders to receive

coverage for critical illness & cash payouts


  • Age: 1 month - 60 years old (age nearest birthday)
How to apply

This is NOT a fixed or savings deposits. It is a whole life insurance plan.

Pay premiums for only 15 years and enjoy lifetime coverage

MaxLife Protector 2 is a regular premium whole life insurance plan with a limited premium payment term of 15 years. You will receive financial protection in the event of death, total and permanent disability (TPD) or terminal illness (TI).

Enjoy increasing protection coverage progressively

Your coverage will increase progressively with non-guaranteed bonuses added to the basic sum assured.

Optional riders to protect against critical illness and enjoy cash payouts

MaxLife Care 2
Attach this rider to enjoy a cash payment of the basic sum assured and all non-guaranteed bonuses of MaxLife Protector 2 if you are diagnosed with any of the 37 critical illnesses (CI); and carcinoma-in-situ (pre-cancer) and early-stage cancer benefit which either pays 20% of the basic sum assured or S$20,000 (whichever is the lesser amount), plus any non-guaranteed bonuses that apply following diagnosis.

  1. Sum assured plus bonuses will be paid upon diagnosis of a critical illness. MaxLife Protector 2 and MaxLife Care 2 will then terminate. If the life assured is diagnosed with an illness needing angioplasty or other invasive treatment for coronary artery, only 10% of the sum assured will be paid, up to a maximum of S$25,000 per life assured, plus any non-guaranteed bonuses which apply. After this, the basic policy and rider will continue with a sum assured reduced by the amount paid for this benefit.
  2. This benefit covers for carcinoma-in-situ and early stage cancer before the policy anniversary on which the insured person's age nearest birthday is 66 years old. Following a claim, this benefit will terminate and MaxLife Protector 2 will continue to provide coverage with a reduced sum assured.
  3. Cash payouts will cease upon payment of a death or terminal illness benefit from MaxLife Protector 2.

Mr Tan bought MaxLife Protector 2 with a basic sum assured of S$100,000. He is 30 years old (age nearest birthday) and a non-smoker. Premiums are computed based on age nearest birthday, sum assured, smoking status and country of residency.

He enjoys coverage of S$100,000 against death, TPD or TI; and progressively increasing protection coverage as non-guaranteed bonuses are added to the basic sum assured.

The figures used are for illustrative purposes only and age refers to age nearest birthday. Please refer to the policy illustration and product summary for the exact values. The non-guaranteed bonuses are based on an illustrated investment rate of return of the participating fund at 4.75% p.a. Based on an illustrated investment rate of return at 3.25% p.a., the total payout is S$118,654 at age 45 and S$153,907 at age 70. The actual benefits payable will vary accordingly to the future performance of the participating fund. Please refer to the policy illustration and product summary for more information.

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