MaxFamily Protector/MaxFamily Protector (CI)

Continue receiving your annual income
even when you're unable to work

Receive 3 times your annual income benefit
if no claim is made

Guaranteed income stream and future premiums waived if any claim is made

Protect against critical illness with MaxFamily Protector (CI)


  • Age: 17 - 55 years old (age nearest birthday)
How to apply

This is NOT a fixed or savings deposits. It is a term insurance plan.

Receive your income when you are unable to work

MaxFamily Protector pays a stream of income in the event that the insured person dies or suffers total and permanent disability (TPD).
A lump sum benefit of 3 times the annual income benefit will be paid out immediately and future premiums are waived. The annual income benefit will be paid out from the next policy anniversary following the claim event, until the policy term ends.

Protection against Critical Illness

Take up MaxFamily Protector (CI) to also include coverage against critical illnesses.

Mr Lim bought MaxFamily Protector with an annual income benefit of S$50,000 at age 30 (nearest birthday). He pays a yearly premium of S$6,161 for 20 years as he wants to be financially protected until he is 50 years old. He is a non-smoker. Premiums are computed based on age nearest birthday, policy term, smoking status, gender and country of residency.

Scenario 1:
Mr Lim does not make any claim.

Scenario 2:
Mr Lim is struck with the unfortunate at age 40 and loses both his limbs due to an accident. He makes a claim for TPD.

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