Life Insurance

Life insurance policies to suit any need or budget

Our life insurance policies give you and your family the comfort of protection in the event of death or total and permanent disability.

Depending on your protection needs, you may choose to add on coverage for critical illnesses.

Term coverage

Pay insurance premiums on a regular basis only for the period you want to be covered.

  • Depending on the policy, you receive a one-time payout upon death, total and permanent disability, terminal illness or critical illness during the policy term
  • Insurance coverage stops at the end of your policy term, but you can choose from yearly-renewable basic term plans with either S$50,000 or S$100,000 sum assured

Whole life coverage

Enjoy lifelong protection

  • You pay only for 15 years and you can customise your protection with our available whole life insurance plans

Income replacement

Receive annual payouts as replacement for lost income following the date of claim (for total and permanent disability) until the end of policy term.

  • Receive insurance payout equivalent to three times the annual income benefit immediately upon death, total and permanent disability or critical illness (optional) during your policy term
  • If no claims were made during the policy term, you receive a lump-sum maturity value equivalent to three times the annual income benefit

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