ATM Card Replacement

We have replaced all old ATM cards

The new card comes with a security chip that keeps your money more secure.

Will I get a new ATM card?

We will replace your card free-of-charge if:

  • Your ATM card does not have the chip    OR
  • You have used your ATM card within the last 12 months

All existing credit cards and debit cards are not affected

When will I receive it?

We have sent the new chip cards progressively from October 2013 till end of December 2014.

Once you receive your new card...

All chip cards need to be activated unless otherwise stated.

The instructions are given in the letter for more details.

You may also check out the card activation details below.

More questions?

If you require more help, call us at 1800 363 3333 or send an email to
If you are overseas, call us at (65) 6363 3333.