Card balance insurance (CreditWise)

Insure against
unpaid credit card balances

Insurance at an affordable premium

  • Protection of up to S$60,000 in the event of death or total and permanent disability
  • Premium costs S$0.40 per S$100 of your outstanding monthly balance
  • Family receives an additional 50% of the sum assured (capped at S$60,000) if death is due to an accident
How to apply

How to calculate premium

Titanium card outstanding balance: S$500 + Supplementary card outstanding balance: S$400 = S$900

Premium Rate = S$0.004 (S$0.40/S$100)

How to calculate premium: S$0.004 X S$900 = S$3.60

*Premium calculation is a monthly basis and it is for illustration purpose only.

Apply by mail or fax

Download form

Complete the CreditWise application form

Download application form

Mail to

Oversea-Chinese Banking
Corporation Limited

OCBC Credit Cards
Robinson Road
P.O. Box 1386
Singapore 914009


Fax to

(65) 6784 5206


Terms and Conditions

Important Notices

Deposit insurance clause

Singapore dollar deposits held by or for a non-bank depositer in accounts listed in OCBC Bank's Insured Deposit Register (view all eligible deposit accounts) will be insured in accordance with and for up to the limit specified in the Deposit Insurance and Policy Owners' Protection Scheme Act 2011 of Singapore.

CreditWise is underwritten by Great Eastern Assurance Co Ltd and are not bank deposits or obligations of, or guaranteed by OCBC Bank Investors may wish to seek advice from a financial adviser before making a commitment to purchase a life policy. In the event that an investor chooses not to seek advice from a financial adviser, he should consider whether the life policy in question is suitable for him.

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