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Healthy eating need not be expensive - Overnight oats recipe

Healthy eating need not be expensive - Overnight oats recipe

  • 10 mins read

Repeat after us - It is not expensive to have healthier food choices in Singapore.

There is no need to make a beeline for the expensive organic produce, nor a need to spend a large portion of your time daily slaving over a hot stove and cooking from scratch.

Healthy meals can be quick, easy and on a budget! Here's a great example for you - Overnight Oats. You can have it for breakfast, a snack or a quick bite for lunch if need be.

Nutritious, and can be prepared in a quick 15mins. Here's what you need:


The above quantities can prepare 10 servings -> 10 days of breakfast!


  1. Place 50 grams (0.5 - 1 cup) of oats into the mason jar
  2. Cut up or dice 1 or 2 pieces of dried apricot, and place into mason jar
  3. Sprinkle a teaspoon of crushed almond and cacao nibs into mason jar
  4. Place in 1 to 2 teaspoons of peanut butter (or to preference) in mason jar
  5. Fill with milk till all toppings are covered
  6. Leave in fridge overnight

That's all!

The total bill for the above ingredients is S$24. Each serving is less than S$3!


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