Credit Card Protection Plan

Global coverage against fraudulent
purchases on a lost or stolen card

Underwritten by ACE Insurance Limited

  • 24-hour reporting call line for all lost / stolen cards
  • Fraud protection coverage up to S$500,000
  • Reimbursements for replacement cost of identity and other valuable documents
  • Emergency travel assistance
How to apply

Types of protection

Plan type Yearly premium
Single S$52.43 (inclusive of 7% GST)
(for main policyholder and up to 4 persons within the registered home address)
S$93.63 (inclusive of 7% GST)

Card Protection Plan (CPP) coverage

Coverage type Maximum claim amount
Fraud protection for lost / stolen cards
  • Before notifying CPP
  • After notifying CPP
S$3,000 (maximum of S$300 a card and not more than 10 cards)

Replacement cash S$100 yearly
Reimbursement of stored value card (e.g. EZ-Link and CashCard)

  • Replacement costs of valuable documents, financial and non-financial cards
  • Communication costs

S$30 yearly

S$700 yearly
Replacement cost of wallet / purse / handbag S$200 yearly
Emergency travel assistance

  • Cash advance*
  • Hotel bill payments advance*
  • Travel ticket replacement advance*
S$1,500 per policyholder

S$4,000 per policyholder

S$10,000 per policyholder

Note: This is a summary of the maximum coverage for each insured year only.

* All advances have a 28-day interest-free repayment period and must be repaid in full to Card Protection Plan Limited

Apply by mail or fax

Download form

Complete the Card Protection Plan application form

Download application form

Mail to

Card Protection Plan Limited
Singapore Post Centre
Post Office P.O. Box 329
Singapore 914009


Fax to

(65) 6415 5198

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