OCBC Eco-Care Car Loan and Charge+ Promotion for Tesla EV | OCBC Singapore

Drive sustainably with Tesla and OCBC Eco-care Car Loan

OCBC Eco-Care Car Loan Package

Enjoy this special package exclusively for Tesla Electric Vehicles (EV):

  • Interest rate of 1.90% per annum (EIR 3.61% p.a. based on a 7 year loan tenure) with OCBC Eco-Care Car Loan
  • Loan approval within 60 seconds

Only available with direct purchase from Tesla Motors Singapore Private Limited. T&Cs apply.

How to apply

Apply online

Apply for OCBC Eco-Care Car Loan online with Myinfo and get a car loan in just 60 seconds! Based on your approved loan amount, you will know the maximum car price you can afford, so that you can shop with confidence.

Purchase a Tesla EV

Make your purchase with Tesla directly and submit the car details to us. You will receive an SMS to verify the information.

Accept agreement digitally

As you already have an approved loan with us, we can speed up the process and send you the Hire Purchase Agreement immediately via SMS. You can review and accept the agreement digitally.

Collect your car

Tesla will arrange for you to collect your car when it is ready. 

We will email you the Hire Purchase Agreement, indicating the monthly instalment amount and payment due date.

Begin monthly repayments

For your convenience, you may set up your payments via GIRO, mobile or internet banking.

Opt-in to Charge+ Promotion

This promotion has ended. For customers who accepted the Eco-Care Car loan by 25 October 2023, submit your details to opt-in to the Charge+ Promotion. A Charge+ officer will be in touch with you for the redemption of charging credits after the disbursement of your OCBC Eco-Care Car Loan. Do note that you have to opt-in within 3 months from the disbursement of your OCBC Eco-Care Car Loan, if not the promotion will lapse.

Please note that application is subject to the bank's approval.

Before you apply

Eligibility requirements

Minimum age

21 years old


Singaporeans, Singapore PRs and foreigners


Late fee


Full settlement penalty

1% on outstanding loan amount

Interest rebate clawback

20% on interest rebate (rule 78 computation)

Additional information

  1. Online loan approval and usage are only applicable for applications via Myinfo. Please note delays or non-approvals of applications may occur for various reasons.
  2. Please note that OCBC Car Loan does not currently finance private hire vehicle, or commercial vehicle.
  3. Please note that the OCBC Eco-Care Car Loan Base Package is only available for direct purchase from Tesla.

Ways to apply

Apply for Eco-Care Car Loan