Turn your 90°N Visa spend into winning tickets

Channel your spending to your OCBC 90°N Visa card for a chance to win a limited-edition Visa FIFA World Cup™ Themed Party Box, thanks to Visa.

Your ticket to big prizes

Win attractive prizes by collecting 90°N Visa Tickets*

From now until 15 October 2022, collect 90°N Visa Tickets on anything and everything you spend on with your OCBC 90°N Visa Card and stand to win great prizes.

Get 100 Travel$ after collecting your first 5 tickets and collect as many tickets as you can for a chance to win a Visa FIFA World Cup™ Themed Party Box - courtesy of Visa, Jay Chou concert tickets, or Travel with OCBC vouchers.

Everyone has a shot at winning something so start collecting your 90°N Visa Tickets now!

Terms and conditions apply.

How to earn 90°N Visa Tickets

Charge any purchase to your 90°N Visa Card – including your transport, online shopping, food delivery, insurance and more, to earn up to 3 tickets with every 5 SGD you spend1. 90°N Visa Tickets are awarded based on the following in eligible categories with no limit as to how many tickets you can earn:

*90°N Visa Tickets are not exchangeable for any OCBC rewards such as KrisFlyer Miles redemption, cash rebate or rewards on STACK.
1All transactions for which Travel$ are not awarded, as specified in Clauses 1.4 to 1.6 of the Terms and conditions governing OCBC 90°N Visa Card Programme (with the exception of Transport and Insurance transactions as set out in the table above), will earn 1 Ticket per 5 SGD spend, capped at the first 1,000 SGD spend and will be credited within 2 months after the campaign period has ended.
^90°N Visa Tickets for Bus and MRT will be awarded per transaction instead of per 5 SGD spend blocks.

Want to check your 90°N Visa Tickets balance?

You can keep track of how many tickets you have collected by checking your monthly credit card statement. Your accumulated 90°N Visa Tickets can be found in the same place as your Travel$ balance.

Great prizes to be won

Cardmembers with the most 90°N Visa Tickets collected will win these amazing prizes:

Visa FIFA World Cup™ Themed Party Box, courtesy of Visa

1st to 30th place

Visa FIFA World Cup™ Themed Party Box gives you the ultimate FIFA experience. Receive the official FIFA World Cup™ adidas Al Rihla League Ball, along with other adidas merchandise, and a highly coveted gaming console.

1 Pair of Jay Chou concert tickets (Category 1) worth 776 SGD
31st to 35th place

This is your chance to be swooned by the magnetic King of Mandopop.
100 SGD Travel with OCBC vouchers
36th to 85th place

Use your vouchers to save on flights, hotels and car rentals for your next getaway.
100 Travel$
Special prize awarded to all spenders who have earned at least 5 tickets.

Top spenders will also receive the 100 Travel$ along with their rpizes in the respective categories.
Important information
Common questions
Where to view the total accumulated 90°N Visa Tickets?

It can be found in the credit card monthly statement where the Travel$ rewards summary table is.

Can both OCBC 90°N Visa and OCBC 90°N Mastercard cardmembers qualify for both promotions?

Yes, but 90°N Visa Tickets can only be earned for spend on the OCBC 90°N Visa, and 90°N Mastercard Tickets can only be earned for spend on the OCBC 90°N Mastercard.

Can the 90°N Visa Tickets be exchanged for items on OCBC rewards or STACK?

No, the 90°N Visa Tickets can only be used for the purpose of winning prizes under this promotion. Cardmembers will not be able to exchange the 90°N Visa Tickets for any items on OCBC Rewards or STACK.

Are there any transactions for which 90°N Visa Tickets will not be awarded?

No, every 5 SGD spend earns 90°N Visa Tickets, with the exception of BUS and MRT transactions for which 90°N Visa Tickets will be awarded on a per transaction basis. Transactions must be done within the promotion period.