Reinventing the art of audit

Why you will love this

Get to know the Bank intimately in its entirety, across all Group entities.

Be exposed to various levels of leadership, regardless of your seniority.


Group Audit provides objective assurance that the Group functions effectively to accomplish its objectives within the established risk appetite. We adopt a risk-based systematic approach to evaluate and provide recommendations to improve the effectiveness of internal control, risk management and governance processes.

Apart from business unit-specific audit departments, find opportunities within our Regulatory Capital Audit, Credit Risk Review, Investigation, Audit Methodology & Standards and Programme Management Office departments.

You'll learn the various facets of banking, sharpen your analytical, problem-solving and communication skills and hone your interpersonal abilities. You'll also get opportunities to work with clients across the globe.

Featured highlight

A refreshed audit methodology

How could our audit methodology better echo the evolving business? From continuous risk assessment methodologies to Agile audit techniques, Group Audit shares how we leveraged technology and analytics to stay ahead of the game.

Edwin Lee  | Graduate Talent

Hear more about Edwin's journey on how the Graduate Talent Programme empowered him to succeed and progress his career in internal audit.


How digital transformation redefines audit assurance

Learn how technology deployment, process improvement and training build continuous data pipeline to expand the availability of timely information for our team to drive risk insights.

02 September 2022

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Bridging investigations

You don't have to be from banking, to break into banking, says former CID investigator Dave Yee.

30 October 2019

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Building a successful career in Internal Audit

Elizabeth Sulistio, Senior Audit Manager, gives her perspective on the Top 5 qualities required to succeed in audit.

1 October 2019

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