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More than content-ed

More than content-ed

  • 8 September 2019
  • By Farhan Tahir
  • 6 mins to read

Meet Farhan Tahir, who is a Content Producer with Group Brand Communications. He has been with OCBC Bank for two years. Hear from Farhan on his interesting role that you may not have known existed in the Bank.

"Before joining OCBC Bank, I worked for a production house filming documentaries and corporate videos. While I enjoyed the job, I was looking for a change. Why? In a production house, we have a variety of clients and while the job is interesting, we take on very specialised roles. I was looking to branch out and experience other roles within production. Rather than working on projects across industries, I wanted to specialise in the financial industry creating excellent content over a long period of time. That's why I joined OCBC Bank."

What does a content producer actually do?

"Good question. I get asked that all the time. Content comes in many forms—images, videos, music, words. I work on images and videos."

"Although it's a creative job, it takes a lot of rigour. I work closely with the communications team of the Bank to understand what they need to communicate, who the target audience is and the tone they would like to project. So for example, when producing a video, we develop the concept, select the talents to be featured, develop the storyboard, arrange the shoot, edit the footage, select the right voiceover, grade the film to the right colour tone, select the music and finally get it approved and ready to go."

"The other important consideration is that for all content I produce, I have to ensure that it is in line with and builds the overall OCBC brand. It's a creative process but it's also a highly measured process."

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Learning to be a translator

"I used to work on projects from so many different industries when I was in a production house. Now, I'm in-depth in one industry—banking. And the banking world has so much jargon! REITs, Bonds, FX, Commodities, EPS, NTA and many more. I had to quickly get up to speed on the business, learn the new terminology so that I could produce content that was accurate, relevant and engaging. Most importantly, I had to learn the new "language" in order to "translate" it into a language that our customers understand."

"Producing content within the Bank allows us better control over content quality and maintain a consistent tone and messaging. And consumers appreciate consistency!"

Working as a team

"Our team includes editors, producers and strategists. Possessing a creative mind is a ‘must-have' in this job, but it's not enough. We create content for a purpose, we help articulate the vision of the Bank and its divisions. So, members of the content creation team must understand the business, while possessing a creative flair."

"As we are not a full-fledged production house, we wear many hats when working together as a team. This means we have to be able to cover each other and be strong all-rounders. We're looking for that unique person who possesses that blend of right and left brains."

"In the short two years I've been with the Bank, I've been able to work on various forms of content for our various social media accounts, videos screened at our branches, clips for our website and concepts for TV advertisements. I'm definitely looking forward to many more to come."