funds your environmental initiatives.


Got a plan to help Singapore go green? We'll cough up the green with our S$100,000 Environment Fund.
Share your ideas at our Green Pitch. We'll fund your proposal if yours is selected.

Apply for funding

Now there are 2 ways you can apply for the #OCBCCares Environment Fund.

  1. Share your ideas at The Green Pitch. Final round on 2 November 2019
  2. Submit application at Closing date 31 December 2019

We will fund all viable actionable projects.

1. The Green Pitch

"Changing Course 2019: An Exploration of our climate crisis" organised by Eco-Business presents an opportunity for passionate, like-minded individuals and groups (maximum of 8 per group) to come together on one day to ideate and pitch solutions to fight climate change in Singapore – and obtain funding.

Round 1 : 16 October 2019, 4 to 7 pm, OCBC Centre South, B1 Auditorium

  1. Understand the problem statements from industry leaders
  2. Join interest group discussions and get clearer picture of how you can contribute
  3. Learn from OCBC specialists about project management, budgeting and concise presentation
  4. Submit a one-page summary of your proposal and we'll let you know if you get through to Round 2 by 23 October 2019

Round 2: Green Pitch on 2 November 2019, 8 am to 8 pm, Art Science Museum

  1. You made it!
  2. Make that pitch
  3. 2 fast rounds to the finals

Register for Round 1:

The Green Pitch is part of "Changing Course 2019: An Exploration of our climate crisis" taking place at the Arts Science Museum, 4 October to 3 November 2019.

2. Submit an application for the #OCBCCares Environment Fund

Prefer not to go for the Green Pitch? No problem. Apply for the Fund by emailing your submission using the enclosed form to

Click here for more information about the #OCBCCares Environment Fund.

Click here to download the application form.

#OCBCCares Environment Fund

Are you passionate about environmental sustainability? Do you have a good plan to promote this – but lack money?

If your project can sustainably impact the environment – and deliver meaningful, long-term benefits for Singapore – then the #OCBCCares Environment Fund may be what you need.

The #OCBCCares Environment Fund commits S$100,000 annually to support ground-up initiatives that enhance environmental sustainability in Singapore.

More Details

What kind of projects
are we funding?

We support initiatives involving:

  • Efforts to conserve, recycle or minimise waste of environmental resources including water, energy, natural habitats and food
  • Biodiversity conservation, including habitat enhancement, habitat restoration and species recovery
  • Resolution of pressing local environmental sustainability issues
  • A stronger call, from ground-up, for the community to make lifestyle changes and adopt more environmentally responsible habits.

Who can apply for funding?

Individuals (Singaporeans and permanent residents)

Interest groups (Singaporeans, permanent residents and non-residents) including Non-Governmental Organisations and Non Profit Organisations). Each participating non-resident must partner at least 2 Singaporeans.

This Fund is not available to individuals and groups with existing commercial interests; or for government-initiated projects.