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Take off with the Mobile Branch Team

Lunar New Year

It started as a casual discussion amongst Business Banking Managers on the challenge customers faced when making business account opening appointments. This process needed to be easier and quicker for customers. It was this thought that sparked the creation of the Mobile Branch Team (MBT).

Piloted in Dec 2015 starting with the North-East cluster, the MBT achieved their first milestone by opening 1000 corporate accounts in just five months!

Since then, we have increased cross-selling of business banking products by 150%. Alongside the bank’s commitment to service excellence, the team has also received a total of 91 compliments in five months.

Starting June 2016, the MBT will offer business account opening services across our full network of 21 branches (including the existing Business Banking Centres).

We look forward to an exciting second half of the year with the full launch of Mobile Branch Team!

Venturing further with high-growth and innovative businesses

Lunar New Year

On 28 April 2016, customers from EB10 and Community Banking (CMB) attended our exclusive Business Venture Loan dinner event at Aura Restaurant, National Gallery Singapore.

This loan offered under SPRING Singapore's Venture Debt Programme is designed for fast-growing businesses seeking to accelerate growth.

Prompted by interest about the product, we invited SPRING Singapore for the first time to have a spokesperson share more about the product at our event.

Mr Dennis Kuah, Head of Enterprise Finance from SPRING Singapore presented a detailed overview of the product. After that, Mr Tan Chor Sen and Mr Kuah fielded a robust Q&A session. Both Mr Tan and Mr Kuah shared that companies well suited for this loan are those with a clear business growth plan brought on by innovation.

Through good food, drinks and meaningful discussion with customers across sectors the healthcare, retail, venture capital, engineering and F&B sectors, this event allowed us to successfully entrench our relationship further.


Introducing the new OCBC Working Capital Loan

Lunar New Year

We’ve officially launched the OCBC Working Capital Loan on 1st June.

First announced during the Singapore 2016 budget, this government-assisted loan is designed to help SMEs tide through the current economic headwinds with up to S$300,000 in financing.

Be it cashflow concerns or an eye to seize business opportunities, we want SMEs to be sure about their business. In uncertain times, let us make their cashflow certain. Learn more about the OCBC Working Capital Loan here.

CMB tops the Emerging Enterprise Award submission charts

Watermelon Soju


The Emerging Enterprise Awards closed on 20th May. With 628 submissions coming from all BUs we’ve achieved 126% of our total target! Congratulations to all.

The top performing BU goes to Community Banking (CMB) who achieved 149% of their target.

Business Unit Submission Target Submissions made % of target Placing
CMB 90 134 149% 1st
AM 40 53 133% 2nd
EMB 7 135 175 130% 3rd
BRANCHES 50 59 118% 4th
CBC 90 102 113% 5th
EMB2 35 39 111% 6th
BOD 60 66 110% 7th
Total 500 628 126%

If your customer wins, you win too! Look out for the top finalist to be selected come mid-July.

If your customer is selected as: You get:
Emerging Enterprise Award winner

S$500 Robinsons shopping voucher

Best Innovation Award winner S$200 Robinsons shopping voucher

Most Promising Startup Award winner S$200 Robinsons shopping voucher

Life Style

Life Style

17 psychological tricks to make people like you immediately

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Making new friends or starting a conversation isn't exactly your greatest forte. But here's the thing – you don't have to be a social butterfly to be a people's person. All you need are some tips and tricks to build better relationships.

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10 Morning Habits Successful People Swear By

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Are you the kind who sets multiple alarms in the morning or keep hitting the snooze button? Not everyone is a morning person, but being up when everyone is still dreaming away is the best time to get so much done. So don’t say you don’t have enough time to do the things you want – get up an hour earlier and you’ll be surprised at how productive your mornings can be.

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