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Collaboration for success!

Lunar New Year

“Project BOD” was launched in April 2015 as a collaboration between the Business Overdraft Team and Business Banking Commercial Service Centre (BBCSC).

Three phases were launched over 2015. Certificates and tokens of appreciation were awarded to top referrers by Chor Hua, at the end of each phase.

On 13 April 2016, a “makan session” was organised to conclude the campaign and celebrate the collaborative efforts put in by the BBCSC team. In just 13 weeks, almost 500 leads were received and over 30 loans worth more than S$2 million were disbursed.

Despite it being the year-end period, the results show clearly that the collaboration was a success!


We are the first to launch Biometric Authentication for a Business Banking Mobile App!

Lunar New Year

Our app went live on 25th April and it demonstrates our commitment in delivering simple, fast and convenient solutions for our business banking customers. We are proud to continually be at the forefront of digital innovations by featuring the OCBC OneTouch™ that allows our business customers to access their account balances and transactional activities using fingerprint recognition.

Below are key information on what you need to know about the new OCBC Business Mobile Banking App!

Who is the app for?

Available for free to all active Velocity@ocbc users in Singapore.

If customers do not have Velocity@ocbc they can sign up here

What can customers do on the app?

1. View balances for business accounts, including current accounts and time deposits

2. Check the status of incoming and outgoing funds

3. View business debit card transactions.

Note:Making transactions and approval of transactions are not available on the app.
How can customers get the OCBC Business Mobile Banking App?

Visit the app store or Google Play to download the app today!

To learn more, visit the Business Banking Mobile App product page here

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