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Celebrating CSU's Best Engaged win

A night of achievements - Emerging Business Star Awards 2015

Battling It Out Like Rock Stars

Celebrating Singapore's Finest Enterprises

The prelude to EmB Star Awards 2016 took place on 11 December 2015. Unlike previous years, it was our evergreen GLs and TLs that had our jaws' dropping with their spirited lip sync performances. It was a blast from the past with hits from the last decade such as "All I Do Is Win" to celebrate EmB's 10th anniversary.

Celebrating Singapore’s Finest Enterprises

Close to 60 outstanding individuals were also announced as nominees across 16 award categories. EmB Star Awards 2016 will boast the highest number of award categories since the inaugural ceremony in 2009. The results of the much anticipated award categories of Most Valued Player and Best Partner will also be announced at the main event.

With such an enthralling prelude, there is no doubt that EmB Star Awards 2016 will be bigger and better than ever! See you on 22 January 2015!


Launch of OCBC Business Venture Loan


On 18 November 2015, over 60 CmB customers gathered at Forlino Restaurant to hear from Selena Ling, Head of Treasury Research and Strategy on the Market Outlook for 2016, and also from Lee Hwee Boon, Business Head, Enterprise Banking, on the new OCBC Business Venture Loan (BVL).


BVL is under SPRING Singapore's Venture Debt Programme which seeks to provide funding to high-growth companies on a 50 per cent risk-sharing basis with banks. Unlike other financial institutions, we are unique in offering the loan to not just tech companies, but to SMEs across all industries. This gives traditional businesses that are keen to expand overseas or explore new product lines a chance to access funds with lower share dilution compared to equity financing.

In-branch account opening will be never the same again


We have pioneered a revolutionary concept to open corporate accounts at 16 key branches along the MRT network. Customers who walk into these branches will have their corporate account handled by a business banking specialist from the Mobile Branch Team (MBT) instead of the existing branch staff. Those who visit non-key branches within the OCBC network will also be redirected to these 16 branches to open their account. This ensures that the customers are serviced by skilled specialists in a timely and efficient manner and proper KYC and documentation is completed to reduce defects when opening the account.


Within 2 weeks of the launch of MBT, the three-man team from CBC have already opened 60 accounts across 8 branches. By the second half of 2016, the team will expand their reach to the entire network OCBC branches island-wide!

OCBC Business Foreign Account


Quiz-time! Which side of your brain is more dominant?

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10 TED Talks to Make You a Better You

Watermelon Soju

Put aside those cute cats/dogs/panda videos on YouTube and fill your intellect with these 10 TED Talks to make you a better you. From the science of happiness to the secret to better work, take some time out to watch the videos and kick off 2016 to a great start.