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What's New?

Forget the hassle of paying with cash, card with PIN or even managing mobile wallets.

Scan and pay for your meals, shopping, ComfortDelGro taxi rides at participating merchants island-wide. You can also scan to pay your friends! Simply scan QR code and pay via the OCBC Pay Anyone app using just a touch of your fingerprint.

Now, THAT is the smarter way to pay!

$28 monthly cashback powered by NETS

Be the first 288 customer to win $28 cashback monthly from 21 Nov 2017 - 31 Mar 2018 when you scan and pay for your meals via the OCBC Pay Anyone™ App at any participating food centres.

Limited to the first 288 customers per month that makes a minimum of 8 transactions with a minimum spend of $2 per transaction with the OCBC Pay Anyone app. Terms and conditions apply.

Visit NETS promotion page for details.

Scan to pay for your NETS purchases

How it works:
  1. Scan NETS QR code for your purchase.
  2. Authorise the payment using your fingerprint.
  3. Enter or check the amount, select account and click on "Pay Now". Done!

Scan to pay anyone

How it works:
  1. Scan or upload the personalised QR shared by the recipient
  2. Authorise the payment using your fingerprint
  3. Select account to make payment and click on “Pay Now“
  4. A successful message will be displayed.

Send money to friends and family

Send money to anyone via OCBC Keyboard, Siri, iMessage or OCBC Mobile Banking app, using their mobile number up to $1,000 daily. No account details needed.

*New! Pay Anyone Enhanced Feature - With the launch of PayNow, the sender will no longer need to set up a passcode when sending money to a PayNow-registered recipient. The sender will be able to see the recipient's name before confirming the transfer.

Via OCBC Keyboard
  1. Via OCBC Keyboard
  2. Via Siri
  3. Via iMessage
  4. Via Mobile Banking App

How to send money using
Pay AnyoneTM via OCBC Keyboard

For Android on OS 4.4 and above. Setting it up

Send money right from the keyboard of your Android phone without having to switch apps.

How to send money using
OCBC Pay AnyoneTM via Siri

For iPhone on iOS 10 and above. Setting it up

Simply ask Siri to send money to anyone on your contact list.

How to send money using
OCBC Pay AnyoneTM via iMessage

For iPhone on iOS 10 and above. Setting it up

Send money via iMessage while texting, without leaving the conversation.

How to send money using
OCBC Pay AnyoneTM via Mobile Banking App

Available on App Store and Google Play

Send money to anyone using their mobile number, email address or Facebook contact list.

How do I collect money?

Choose to receive your money in any bank account from one of the 18 FAST participating banks. You do not need to be an OCBC customer to receive money.
  1. You get an SMS message to collect the money.
  2. Read and accept the Terms & Conditions.
  3. Enter passcode pre-set by Sender.
  4. Select your bank and enter your account number.
  5. Review and confirm your account details.
  6. Money is instantly credited into your account!
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