Robinsons rewards program terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions - The OCBC Rewards Programme


1.1     ‘The Bank’ means OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad and includes its successors-in-title and assigns.


1.2     ‘Card’ means any Visa Card or MasterCard and shall include any other card (except for OCBC Robinsons Platinum Card) issued from time to time by the Bank under the categories of Classic, or Gold, Titanium or Platinum or such other categories and  includes cards issued in affiliation or in association with any third party and/or  under any product or select names or reference and  any supplementary card(s) in addition to or in replacement thereof.

1.3     ‘Card Account’ means any one or more account(s) of the Cardmember maintained with the Bank in respect of the Card.

1.4     ‘Cardmember’ means the person to whom the Card is issued by the Bank and shall where the context so requires includes any supplementary Cardmember.

1.5     ‘OCBC Rewards’ means any goods and/or services, benefits or other privileges, as may be made available  by the Bank in its absolute discretion to the Cardmember under the OCBC Rewards Programme, which may be redeemed by the use of OCBC$ under the OCBC Rewards Programme.

1.6     ‘OCBC$’ means bonus points awarded to the Cardmember based on the total Ringgit Malaysia amount of retail purchases made and charged to the Card during the OCBC$ period.

1.7     ‘OCBC$ period’ means a period of 12 months commencing from the date of issue or renewal of Card, as the case may be.

1.8     ‘Merchant’ means an individual, firm or company engaged in the business of selling and/or providing goods and/or services, benefits or other privileges comprising the OCBC Reward.

1.9     Unless the context otherwise requires, words referring to the male gender shall include the female gender and neuter gender and words referring to the singular number shall include the plural number and vice versa.  The headings to clauses are inserted for convenience of reference only.


2.1   A Cardmember will be awarded with 1 OCBC$ for every RM1 charged to  the  Card Account   for retail purchases made and charged to the Card by the principal or supplementary Cardmember during the OCBC$ period.  Annual fees, interests, late payment charges, goods and services tax, balance transfer, cash advances and other fees and charges shall not be taken into account in the computation of OCBC$.  Any OCBC$ awarded to Cardmember will be stated in the Card Account statement of the Cardmember.

2.2   Retail purchases made  charged  to the Card but which have not been presented for payment by any merchant or bank or any other third parties to the Bank, shall not be included for the purpose of computation of OCBC$ to be awarded.

2.3   OCBC$ accumulated but not used by the date of annual renewal of the Card will be extended for use for a further period of three calendar months or such other period as may be determined by the Bank at its absolute discretion.  Any unused or extended OCBC$ will be automatically cancelled and shall become null and void at the expiry of the aforesaid three months or upon the termination of the Card Account, whichever is earlier.

3.       USE OF OCBC$

3.1     OCBC$ may be used by the Cardmember for the following purposes:

3.11              to redeem  the OCBC Reward featured in the catalogue for  OCBC Rewards Programme (“the  Catalogue” , which term includes any updated catalogue issued by the Bank from time to time)  within the validity date mentioned; and/or

3.12               to  reduce  the Annual Fee of any Card at such rate of conversion of OCBC$ to Ringgit Malaysia  as may be determined by the Bank from time to time; and/or

3.13              for donation to charities  which the Bank informs the Cardmember of from time to time; and/or

3.14              to reduce  the outstanding charges/balance in the Card Account of Cardmember by crediting the OCBC$ to the Card Account of  the Cardmember at the conversion  rate determined by the Bank from time to time (“Cash Rebate”).  

3.15              to redeem Premium Rebate  at the conversion rate determined by the Bank from time to time (“Premium Rebate”) , to purchase new insurance products from Great Eastern Life Assurance (Malaysia) Berhad or Overseas Assurance Corporation (Malaysia) Berhad.  The Premium Rebate is only available to Great Eastern Cardmembers, and will be paid in a form of cashier order.

3.16              To redeem KrisFlyer Miles at the conversion rate determined by the Bank from time to time (“KrisFlyer Miles”), to convert their OCBC$ to miles under the KrisFlyer Programme.

3.17              To redeem Tickets under the “Rewards Redeem & Win” programme.  Each Ticket  redeemed entitles the Cardmember to one chance to win the prize under the “Rewards Redeem & Win” programme.

The respective conversion rate for the OCBC$ may be obtained from the Bank’s customer services centre on request.

3.2     OCBC$ may not be exchanged for credit or transferred for the benefit of or use by any person other than the principal Cardmember.

3.3     OCBC$ may be redeemed by the principal Cardmember by such mode, within such period of time and in such manner as determined by the Bank and notified to the principal Cardmember or publicized by the Bank in any manner as its deems fit from time to time.

3.4     Subject to availability of stock and provided that the Card Account is in good standing (as determined by the Bank) and the Cardmember has sufficient OCBC$, the Bank will award the OCBC Reward selected by the Cardmember.

3.5     If any sum of money is payable by the Cardmember to the Merchant in connection with the use of any OCBC Reward, for example discount vouchers, such payment must be paid with the use of the Card.

3.6     Where an OCBC Reward is redeemable using OCBC$ and cash, the Bank shall charge  the  Card Account the cash component in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Cardmember’s Agreement if the OCBC Reward is successfully redeemed.

3.7     Selection of the OCBC Reward can be done by the principal Cardmember only unless otherwise stated.

3.8   The terms and conditions contained in the “What you need to know before making your selection” shall form part of these Terms and Conditions.


4.1     A voucher will be valid for three months from the date of its issue or such other period as may be stated in the voucher and will cease to have any effect after its expiry.  Use of the voucher is also subject to the terms and conditions stated on the voucher.

4.2     A voucher is not refundable, nor exchangeable for cash or OCBC$ or another reward.

4.3     The Bank is not obliged to replace any voucher which has been lost, defaced, torn or damaged or stolen for whatever reason.

4.4     The Bank is not an agent of the Merchant participating in the OCBC Reward programme.  The Bank shall not be in any way be liable or responsible for the quantity, quality, merchantability or fitness purpose of any   OCBC Reward.  Any dispute relating to the quantity, quality or performance of any OCBC Reward, or the failure of the Merchant to supply any such OCBC Reward must be directed to and resolved with the Merchant.


5.1     Participation in the KrisFlyer miles redemption programme is subject to the terms and conditions of Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer Programme.

5.2     This programme is only available for Platinum or Titanium MasterCard Cardmember.

5.3     This programme enables the Principal Platinum or Titanium MasterCard Cardmember to convert their OCBC$ to miles under the KrisFlyer Programme.

5.4     To participate in the KrisFlyer Programme, the Principal Platinum or Titanium MasterCard Cardmember must enroll or be enrolled in the KrisFlyer Programme.

5.5     A Principal Platinum or Titanium MasterCard Cardmember who is enrolled in the KrisFlyer Programme can effect mile transfers at the conversion rate of 5,000 OCBC$ for 1,000 KrisFlyer miles, or such other rate as the Bank may specify from time to time.

5.6     All KrisFlyer miles transferred by the Principal Platinum or Titanium MasterCard Cardmember must be to his/her own individual account bearing his/her own name.

5.7     For each conversion of OCBC$ to KrisFlyer miles, a fee of RM15 will be charged to the Platinum or Titanium MasterCard Credit Card account provided.

5.8     There shall be no enrolment fee to participate in this programme.

5.9     Once a redemption request for KrisFlyer miles has been accepted by the Bank, the following will not be allowed : Cancellations, refund of conversion fee and exchange of OCBC$ for any other redemption item.

5.10  Platinum and Titanium MasterCard Cardmembers understand and agree that the transfer process will take approximately 21 working days.  Notwithstanding anything stated herein. The Bank shall not be liable for any delay in the transfer process for any reason whatsoever (including without limitation, delay due to incorrect information in the system or due to system constraints and errors).  Urgent requests or cancellations will strictly not be entertained.

5.11  The Principal Platinum and Titanium Cardmember may refer to their online account statement by visiting for an update of accumulated miles.

5.12  The Bank shall not be responsible for any fraud or unsuccessful transfers.  In the latter case, the Principal Platinum or Titanium MasterCard Cardmember’s OCBC$ and the conversion fee will be refunded to his/her card account, as appropriate.

5.13  The Bank shall not be responsible for the Principal Platinum or Titanium MasterCard Cardmember’s miles which have been successfully transferred or for the actions of Singapore Airlines in connection with but not limited to the KrisFlyer Programme.

5.14  Miles will be transferred to the KrisFlyer membership account indicated on the KrisFlyer form, and the Principal Platinum or Titanium Cardmember is responsible for providing an accurate and valid KrisFlyer membership number.


6.1     Eligibility

6.1.1Cardmembers must be at least 21 years of age.

6.2     Ineligibility

6.2.1Cardmembers whose Card Accounts with the Bank have been suspended or terminated or         who have breached any other agreement with the Bank; and

6.2.2Employees of OCBC Credit Card Department and its related suppliers.

6.3     Programme mechanics

6.3.1            Each “Rewards Redeem & Win” prize item has a different redemption code depending on the category of prizes selected by the Cardmembers.

6.3.2            OCBC$ required for each “Rewards Redeem & Win” ticket (“Ticket”) is 150 OCBC$.

6.3.3            Cardmembers can redeem more than one Ticket provided there is sufficient OCBC$ in the Cardmembers’ account.

6.3.4            Cardmembers can redeem Tickets for more than one category of prizes.

6.3.5            For each successful redemption of the Tickets, Cardmembers will receive a letter confirming the number of Tickets redeemed and the category of prizes selected by him.

6.3.6            One Ticket will be selected randomly for each category of prizes at Menara OCBC in the presence of auditors three weeks after the closing date of this contest.

6.3.7            The Bank will call the Cardmembers with the selected Tickets to answer a question.  If the Cardmember answer the question correctly, he will win the prize under the category as selected by him.  (If he/she fails to answer the question, another Ticket under the same category will be randomly selected as with the process under this section).

6.3.8            This process will be repeated until the prize is won for that category.

6.3.9            The Bank reserves the right to change the draw date.

6.3.10         Judges’ decision is final.  No correspondence or appeal will be entertained.

6.3.11         Contest period is from 1 November 2007 to 30 June 2008.

6.4     The category of prizes are as follows:

                6.4.1        Category A :         Redemption Code : 400101

                                                                Panasonic Home Theatre System consists of 1 x Panasonic TH42PV2 Plasma TV and 1 x Panasonic SCVK 750 DVD Mini Hi-Fi

                                Category B :          Redemption Code : 400201

                                                                Nokia N76 x 1 unit

                                Category C :          Redemption Code : 400301

                                                                Nokia E90 x 1 unit


                        Category D :          Redemption Code : 400401

                                                                Nokia M8800 Sirocco Gold x 1 unit


                                Category E :          Redemption Code : 400501

                                                                Faber Combo Set consists of 1 x Faber Cooker Hoods (Elegant 90 SS),

                                                                1 x Faber Built-in Hobs (FGH 223/78 BK) and 1 x Faber Built-in Oven (FBO 68SS).

6.5     Notification of Winners

6.5.1            Winners will be notified via a phone call and letter address to their billing address.

6.5.2            Section 7 of this Terms and Conditions is not applicable for this “Rewards Redeem & Win” Programme.

6.5.3            Winners must claim their prizes from the Bank within 30 days from the notification from Menara OCBCat their own cost.

6.5.4            Upon the expiry of the 30 days from notification date, any unclaimed prize(s) will be forfeited and no claims will be entertained.

6.5.5            The prizes are neither transferable nor exchangeable for cash.

6.6     Publication of Winners

6.6.1            All names and photographs of winners belong to the Bank.

6.6.2            The Bank reserves the right to publish or display the names and photographs of the winners for advertising or publicity purposes.

6.7     Cardmembers bound by terms and conditions

6.7.1            By entering the contest, the Cardmembers agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

6.8     The Bank’s right to vary terms and conditions and change prize(s)

6.8.1            The Bank has the right to vary the terms and conditions and to change the prizes at its absolute discretion at any time.

6.8.2            The Bank may, at its sole discretion, vary these Terms and Conditions, suspend or terminate the contest. Variation of these Terms and Conditions or the variation, suspension or termination of the services may be made by placing in a general notice in one issue of a daily national newspaper, by posting a general notice in any of OCBC’s branch premises or OCBC’s website or by incorporating the notice into OCBC’s bank statements sent to the Contestant periodically and the notice will take effect from the date set out in the notice and if no date is stated, will take effect from the date of the notice.


7.1     Delivery of OCBC Reward shall be made to the address furnished by the Cardmember, whether oral, in writing or electronic.   The OCBC Reward is delivered when the OCBC Reward is   acknowledged by the occupant at the address for delivery, and where such address is an office address, by any member of the office.  Such acknowledgement shall be deemed to be the acknowledgement by the Cardmember and OCBC will not be liable for any loss or damage to the OCBC Reward.

7.2     The Bank will make arrangement to deliver the OCBC Reward to Cardmembers within two to four weeks (barring any unforeseen circumstances) or any other period stipulated by the Bank from time to time after receipt of the Cardmember’s redemption request form or telephone call.  No delivery of OCBC Reward will be made to P.O. Box or overseas address. 

7.3     Save in the case of damaged or defective OCBC Reward, all OCBC Rewards accepted by Cardmembers in good condition are strictly non-returnable and non-exchangeable.

7.4      In the event the OCBC Reward received by mail or courier is damaged or if there is a manufacturing defect, the Cardmember is  to return the OCBC Reward to OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad , Credit Card Centre, 23rd Floor, Bangunan Dato’ Zainal, 23 Jalan Melaka, 50100, Kuala Lumpur within seven (7) working days from the date of receipt or such other period stipulated by the Bank.  Any claims made after the seven (7) working days period will not be entertained.

7.5     Delivery of OCBC Rewards in the form of Mobile-Voucher

7.5.1      Delivery of Mobile-Voucher shall be made via SMS to the mobile phone number furnished by the Cardmember, whether oral, in writing or electronic.   The Mobile-Voucher is deemed delivered when an SMS is sent to the mobile phone number of the Cardmember. OCBC will not be liable for any loss or damaged to the M-Voucher.

7.5.2      Bonton RM50 Voucher, Enak KL RM50 Voucher and Bangsar Seafood Village RM50 Voucher can be utilized by presenting the Mobile-Voucher (in form of SMS) in Cardmember’s mobile phone at the respective participating merchant outlets.

7.5.3      Holiday World Mobile Voucher for Travel and Hotel bookings can be made by calling Holiday World Hotline at 03-27319929 and quote the Mobile-Voucher code to the Holiday World Customer Service personnel for verification of the code.  Upon verification, Cardmember can make his/her holiday reservations using the Mobile-Voucher for hotels and travel packages offered by Holiday World.

7.5.4      Section 4 of this Terms and Conditions is applicable for the use of OCBC Rewards in form of M-Voucher.


8.1     The Bank reserves the right to replace any goods, services, benefits or other privileges made available in the OCBC Reward programme with another reward as may be determined by the Bank at its sole and absolute discretion at any time and from time to time.

8.2     The Bank shall be entitled to treat all instruction, whether oral, in writing or electronic, relating to OCBC$ or the use or redemption of OCBC$, which are purportedly given to the Bank by the Cardmember to whom the OCBC$ are awarded as the instruction of such Cardmember to act in accordance with such instruction.

8.3     The Bank’s decision on all matters relating to or in connection with the OCBC Rewards Programme shall be binding on the Cardmember.

8.4     The Bank shall have the absolute discretion to use/appoint agents, contractors or correspondents or other third party to administer and/or implement the OCBC Rewards Programme and the Cardmember hereby irrevocably consents to and authorizes the Bank to disclose information regarding the Cardmember and the Card Account to any related company of the Bank and third parties for the purpose of the OCBC Rewards Programme and for the provision or any products and/or services by the Bank.  The Bank shall not be liable to any person for any act, omission or neglect on the part of such agents, contractors or correspondents.  Any instruction to redeem an OCBC Reward received by any such agent, contractors, correspondents or other third party appointed by the Bank to receive/ obtain such instruction shall be binding on the Cardmember who has given or purportedly given such instruction and the Bank shall be entitled to act and rely on such instructions.

8.5     The Bank may, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, modify, suspend or terminate the OCBC Rewards Programme, and/or modify these Terms and Conditions through such mode or manner as the Bank deems suitable.  These Terms and Conditions and any modifications made from time to time shall be posted on the Bank’s website at and Cardmember shall be bound by the same.

8.6     These Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia and the Cardmember hereby submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia.

8.7     In the event of any conflict, discrepancy or inconsistency in the interpretation or translation of these Terms and Conditions, the English version of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.