To give you a more user-friendly online banking experience, we've made some changes to the Funds Transfer screen. Read on to find out more about our improved interface.

With the new drop-down menu, scheduling your transfer is now much easier.

Transfer to:
Transfer to:

The new look for Funds Transfer:
Regular transfer
Transfer to:
  1. Select 'Transfer Now' from the dropdown list - this will be deposited to your beneficiary within the next 3 days

Note: The option for same-day funds transfer will be available on-screen.

Future-dated transfer
Transfer to:
  1. Select 'Transfer at a future date' from the dropdown list
  2. Choose tomorrow's date or any future dates of your choice

Recurring transfer
Transfer to:
  1. Select 'Recurring transfer' from dropdown list
  2. A light pop-up box appears for you to input the recurring transfer info