PA Supreme

Summary of benefits & plans Plan A Plan B Plan C Plan D Child
Death and permanent disablementS$100,000S$200,000S$300,000S$500,000S$25,000
Temporary disablement
(weekly up to 104 weeks)
Daily hospital allowance
(more than 24 hours, up to 90 days)
Medical expensesS$2,000S$4,000S$5,000S$7,000S$500
Chinese physician / bone setter
(with SS$50 excess)
Mobility aidS$1,000S$1,000S$1,000S$1,000S$1,000
Personal effects and belongings damaged as a result of accident payable under policy (per year)S$200S$300S$400S$500N.A.
Evacuation / repatriationS$50,000S$50,000S$50,000S$50,000S$25,000
Funeral expensesS$3,000S$3,000S$3,000S$3,000S$3,000
Annual premiums        

Class 1: Occupations of a professional, managerial, administrative, or clerical nature (not including manual labour).

(e.g. accountant, administrator, architect, doctor, nurse, lawyer, retiree / homemaker, teacher, indoor sales / marketing)

Class 2: Occupations of a supervisory nature (not included in Class 1) or requiring substantial travelling.

(e.g. assembly line operator, chauffeur, engineer, insurance agent, full-time students, foreman (non-construction), outdoor sales / marketing)

Class 3: Occupations involving manual labour with the use of tools and machinery, but not of a hazardous nature.

(e.g. contractor, courier, driver, hawker, mechanic)


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