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OCBC Digital Silvers Programme Launched at Heartland Branches to Upskill 400 Elderly Customers within a year

OCBC Digital Silvers Programme Launched at Heartland Branches to Upskill 400 Elderly Customers within a year

  • 24 Sep 2022

OCBC Bank will be mobilising its heartland branches to conduct one-on-one training for elderly customers aged 60 years old and above to learn how to bank and pay digitally – and to stay safe from scams while doing so. As part of this programme called OCBC Digital Silvers, the bank will hold more than 25 workshops – each lasting about 1.5 hours – until the end of Q2 2023, benefiting more than 400 elderly customers. Elderly customers who often visit the branches will be personally invited to attend, allowing them to learn in a familiar setting and from branch staff whom they know and trust.

This programme will ensure that the silver segment is not left behind even as Singapore continues its digital banking push. Almost 1 in every 3 customers who walks into an OCBC Bank branch for over-the-counter teller transactions today is aged 60 and above, and the top two reasons for their branch visits are cash withdrawals and deposits – basic banking services that could be reduced or replaced by digital payments. To best benefit this segment, the curriculum therefore emphasises everyday digital banking and payment skills including a step-by-step walkthrough of the OCBC Digital app, and how to make QR Code payments and PayNow transfers.

The curriculum has an equal emphasis on cyber security so that elderly customers can enjoy the convenience of digital banking without falling prey to phishing and other scams that leverage digital channels. The bank has been developing security advisory tips to educate customers about scams, and branch staff will share these tips.

Undivided attention from an OCBC Branch Staff

Every elderly customer will be assigned a dedicated OCBC branch staff. This one-on-one format was tested during four pilot sessions in the earlier part of this year to great success. The chief benefit is the removal of language barriers. Each customer’s assigned branch staff will be able to converse in the language or dialect of the customer’s choice, eliminating a common challenge in big group sessions, where trainers often alternate between languages to cater to a diverse crowd – leading to listeners feeling lost and confused at times. Branch staff involved in the OCBC Digital Silvers Programme have also been equipped with overall communications tips including how to read body language and facial expressions, and how to give positive affirmations.

The one-on-one format allows every elderly customer to get undivided attention, which is especially important as many need help with foundational digital skills – including how to download apps, or how to connect to a trusted Wi-Fi network – before the actual coaching curriculum can even begin in earnest.

Experiential learning through impact sharing sessions

OCBC Bank will organise special impact sharing sessions where, in addition to the one-on-one coaching curriculum, participants will get to hear from a guest speaker who has had first-hand experience with scams – whether they be a victim, near-victim, family member, or a vigilant OCBC Bank branch employee who has stopped a scam. Through the sharing of these personal experiences, the elderly customers will be able to better remember the nature of the scams in question, and in turn, share the
message with their friends and family.

Mr Sunny Quek, OCBC Bank’s Head of Consumer Financial Services Singapore, said, “For many of us, digital banking has become part and parcel of our lives. However, digital banking is still unchartered territory for some of our elderly customers who rely on branches for most of their banking needs. A visit to the branch might even be part of their everyday routine – many of our branches, especially those in the heartlands, have ‘regulars’ whom our branch colleagues look forward to seeing. These long-time customers were in our minds when we created the OCBC Digital Silvers programme. Through our programme, they will not only learn about digital banking but also how to steer clear of scams – and they can do so in the branch, from branch staff that they know and trust. It’s a safe space for them to build up their confidence and pick up the digital skills which are quickly becoming essential to daily living.”

The OCBC Digital Silvers Programme is just one of several initiatives rolled out by the bank for the silver segment. Other elderly-friendly branch facilities and services have been progressively rolled out including the introduction of elderly-friendly chairs, that are also used in healthcare settings, near teller counters, the availability of portable ramps, and the addition of directional indicators on cards for ease of use at ATMs.

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