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OCBC launches brand promise to be Simply Spot On for customers

OCBC launches brand promise to be Simply Spot On for customers

  • 29 Oct 2018

OCBC Bank today launched a Brand Promise campaign with the tagline Simply Spot On (深知你心,更合你意). The Brand Promise is not a marketing campaign. It is OCBC Bank’s pledge to customers that it will make the effort to listen to them, truly understand them, and come up with the most appropriate solutions to meet their needs.

The Brand Promise has been the focal point of OCBC Bank way before the launch of the tagline. The pledge to be Simply Spot On cuts across everything the bank does – its products and processes; channels and capabilities; client service and interaction; and in our suite of digital offerings which aim to give customers the fastest, most convenient and seamless experience digitally.

Group CEO Samuel Tsien (钱乃骥, 集团行政总裁) said: “The Brand Promise tagline is easy to remember, but not easy to live up to. It is simple and clear in what we are promising our customers, but it also means that we have set ourselves a very high bar to meet. And that is why everyone at OCBC is committed to living the Brand Promise every day so that we can deliver the Simply Spot On experience to our customers consistently.”

With customers today wanting their bank to be reliable, knowledgeable and serve them beyond that one transaction, OCBC Bank came up with the tagline Simply Spot On to address in one concise phrase how it aims to be that bank for customers.

The tagline was tested and refined with more than 2,400 respondents over many research sessions including an Implicit Association Test methodology that captures spontaneous emotional responses. Most found the line simple to understand, inspiring and memorable.

Customers have always been at the heart of everything OCBC Bank does. Last year, it launched “Stay True”, which champions the idea that the bank will always advertise honestly and truthfully to customers. In 2007, the brand campaign “Stay Curious. Ask OCBC.” set out to intrigue non-OCBC customers to have a conversation with the bank and give OCBC Bank a try. Independent research by the likes of Bain Consultancy and J.D. Power show that OCBC’s primary customers are most satisfied with the bank but that non-customers do not know the bank well.

OCBC Bank has endeavoured to be Simply Spot On in its digital offerings by being the first bank in Singapore and the region to launch many solutions that are useful and meaningful to customers.  In recent years, the bank has launched innovative features for both retail and business customers: allowing bank transactions to be made using Apple’s voice-controlled personal assistant Siri, enabling customers to find out more about its services by simply talking to Google Home, allowing for instant account opening online by assessing Singapore’s national data repository, and making it easier for users to log in to their mobile banking apps using facial identification or fingerprint recognition on the Apple iPhone X. The bank was also the first bank in Singapore to set up its own Artificial Intelligence (AI) unit in March this year.

On 19 October, at the Association of Banks in Singapore’s annual awards, OCBC Bank received the highest number of Excellent Service Awards (EXSA) among all financial institutions for the fourth consecutive year. It also had the highest number of EXSA Star Award winners for the second year running. OCBC Bank also claimed the ABS’ top accolade – the Service Excellence Champion Award – for two straight years. Branch Manager (Ang Mo Kio) Cindy Ong and Wealth Management Product Manager Danielle Soh won it in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Truly understanding customers from all walks of life

The design of the campaign logo symbolises the Brand Promise. The smaller circle is a reminder to OCBC Bank staff that everything they do – even the smallest thing – matters when it comes to delivering a Simply Spot On experience to customers. By getting everything right, it will all come together to form the bigger circle, which represents the Simply Spot On experience with OCBC Bank.

The Brand Promise campaign features a 90-second brand film directed by award-winning film-maker and director Bertrand Lee. The film revolves around several customer segments such as a couple expecting their first child; parents with grown-up children; entrepreneurs planning their next move; savvy investors making their next investment; and seniors planning their retirement.

These profiles cover a wide spectrum of Singaporeans and reflect OCBC’s commitment to be there for customers through every stage of their lives, truly understanding their needs. Mr Lee said: “We hope that every Singaporean can see a bit of themselves in the film, which represents the hopes and dreams of people of all age groups.”

You can watch the main film here on our Brand Promise page

There will also be three other films which take a more in-depth look at three particular sets of customers – parents; entrepreneurs and investors. These highlight how OCBC takes the time and effort to truly understand customers in order to provide solutions which are Simply Spot On for them.

These three films will be released over the next few weeks on our social media channels and on our Brand Promise page.


An integrated multi-channel communication strategy

The Brand Promise campaign will be rolled out over three months using an integrated, multi-channel communication strategy.

Apart from advertising on paid media such as print and television as well as at outdoor locations, a significant portion of the media campaign budget will go towards digital and social media channels to reflect the media consumption habits of customers. The campaign will also be pushed out on OCBC Bank’s owned media such as at its branches and digital platforms. 


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