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Simplifying cross-border trade with China

Seamless cross-border trading for SMEs through a collaboration between OCBC and Trusple, powered by Ant Group. 

OCBC X Trusple

SMEs can now trade securely among global partners with improved transparency, reducing delays in shipments and payments. Powered by Ant Group, Trusple is a blockchain-enabled platform that allows buyers and sellers in Singapore and China to trade between one another easily. 

With this OCBC collaboration, SMEs can trade with verified suppliers and make secure payments via Trusple.

Features and benefits
Stronger supply chains

Strengthen and diversify your supply chain

Access a large base of more than 6 million Chinese suppliers.

Automatic payments to sellers

Easy payments

Linked directly to your OCBC Business Account, Autopay allows seamless transactions while you trade on Trusple.

Automation of trade processes

Faster trade processes

Automate your trade processes on the blockchain, without the need for manual and complex paperwork.

Secure trading and financing

Enhanced security

Enjoy increased transparency across the supply chain with Trusple’s blockchain-enabled smart contracts.

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Common questions
Is there a fee to register and transact via Trusple?

Currently the registration fee is free. To register, please visit https://www.trusple.com/. The same transaction fees are applicable as per each transaction initiated on OCBC Velocity.

What is Autopay?

Autopay is an automatic way to make cross-border payments to suppliers based on the pre-agreed payment conditions between the buyer and supplier on Trusple platform.

Who do I contact if I have payment issues?

Customers can contact our Business Banking Service Managers at +65 6538 1111. Our hotline is open from Mondays to Fridays, between 8am and 8pm. For Trusple related issues, customers should contact Trusple instead.

Does my China seller need to be an OCBC customer to use Trusple?

No, but your seller has to be a registered user on Trusple.