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Frequently asked questions
  • Can I use Siri?

    Yes, you can use Siri to check your account balances and to initiate internal funds transfers between OCBC Bank accounts using Siri voice instructions, on Touch ID-enabled Apple iPhones running on iOS 11 or Apple’s latest operating systems.

  • What are the pre-requisites to transfer funds using Siri?

    You need an Apple iPhone running on iOS 11 or Apple’s latest operating systems. Please ensure Siri is enabled on your Touch ID-enabled Apple iPhone.

    You can only transfer funds to OCBC accounts from the Payee list. To add payees:

    From OCBC Velocity

    1. Log in to OCBC Velocity to add payee using ‘Manage Payee / Payer’ module if you have not done so. The beneficiary list will be reflected as your added payees in the app.

      From the Business Mobile Banking app
    2. You can only add a payee on the Review page when submitting a transaction by checking the field ‘Add as payee’. A one-time verification via security token is required for this transaction. Once verified, the new payee is added to the Payee list for subsequent transactions.
  • What functions can I do with Siri on the app?

    You need to first enable Siri on your Touch ID-enabled Apple iPhone running on iOS 11 operating system.

    You can ask Siri for the following:

    • To check your business account balances - Ask Siri, 'Check my account balance.'
    • To initiate Internal Funds Transfers to your added payees who has an OCBC account – Ask Siri, 'Transfer $500 from my Business account.'