Terms & Conditions Governing PayLite Instalment Payment Plan

OCBC Terms and Conditions Governing PayLite Instalment Payment Plan

These terms and conditions and any other rules, procedures or instructions which we may from to time issue (the "Terms and Conditions") shall apply to OCBC PayLite Instalment Payment Plan ("PayLite"). By applying for the PayLite, you are accepting and will be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

All terms and references used in these Terms and Conditions and which are defined or construed in the OCBC Cardmembers Agreement but are not defined or construed in these Terms and Conditions shall have the same meaning and construction in these terms and conditions.

These Terms and Conditions are in addition to terms of the OCBC Cardmembers Agreement (as amended, modified and supplemented from time to time). In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between these terms and conditions and the OCBC Cardmembers Agreement, these terms and conditions shall prevail in so far as they relate to PayLite.


1.1 When you read these Terms and Conditions, bear in mind that "you" and "your" means the person who has applied and been granted the Facility by us. The words "we", "our" and "us" refers to Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited and its successors and assigns.

1.2 “PayLite Instalment” means the monthly instalment determined by us as being payable by the Cardmember for each PayLite Transaction.

1.3 “PayLite Amount” means in respect of each PayLite Transaction the amount approved by us to be payable in PayLite Instalments. For the avoidance of doubt, the PayLite Amount may or may not be the full amount payable for the relevant Card Transaction.

1.4 “PayLite Transaction” means the Card Transaction for which approval has been given for payment by the Cardmember through the PayLite Instalment Payment Plan.



2.1 You may apply for PayLite for any Card Transaction, subject to:

2.1.1 you being a principal cardmember of a VISA or MasterCard Credit Card issued by us (excluding OCBC Cashflo MasterCard and OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo MasterCard) whose Card Account is in good standing as determined by us.

2.1.2 the available combined credit limit for your Card Account(s), excluding any temporary credit line increase, is sufficient to block out the PayLite Amount;

2.1.3 the PayLite Amount is not less than the minimum amount determined by us from time to time; and

2.1.4 you are not in breach of any of the terms of the OCBC Cardmembers Agreement.

2.2 Applications for PayLite must be made at least 7 working days from the payment due date of the relevant Billing Statement

2.3 We reserve the right to reject an application for PayLite in its entirety and/or approve a PayLite Amount at our absolute discretion and without assigning any reason therefore.


3.1 Upon approval of each PayLite Transaction, you shall:

3.1.1 pay the PayLite Amount over 3, 6 or 12 months under any of your Card Account(s) held with us;

3.1.2 in respect of each PayLite Transaction, pay a one time non-refundable processing fee calculated as a percentage of the PayLite Amount as we may in our discretion determine and the processing fee shall be payable in full together with the first PayLite Instalment.

3.2 If approved, the PayLite Instalment shall be debited directly from your Card Account and will be treated the same way as any other Card Transaction charged to the Card Account(s).

3.3 We may at our discretion and without notice to you debit the whole balance of the Loan Amount then outstanding to your Card Account at any time, in which case such balance will be immediately due and payable by you.

3.4 In the event that you voluntarily terminate your Card Account, change the tenor of the PayLite Transaction, terminate the PayLite Transaction or make early repayment to the PayLite Instalments, an administrative fee of S$150 (or such other amount as we may from time to time in our discretion determine and notify to you) will be levied for the processing of such accelerated repayment. Such fee will be payable regardless of subsequent revocation of such repayment of your failure to make full repayment and will not be refundable.

3.5 You irrevocably and unconditionally authorise us to charge to and debit from your Card Account each PayLite Instalment in accordance with PayLite. You agree that the credit limit related to your Card Account will be reduced by the PayLite Amount, but will be progressively restored by the amount of each PayLite Instalment as each PayLite Instalment is paid and to the extent that such payment is received by us.

3.6 You shall at all times ensure that the aggregate of the PayLite Instalments payable and the balance due to us on the Card Account shall not exceed the Credit Limit. In the event that the aggregate of PayLite Instalments is likely to result in you exceeding your Credit Limit, we are entitled to reject any PayLite application.

3.7 PayLite is not applicable for any Cash Advance, Balance Transfer, 0% instalment plan transactions, any interest payable, fees, and such other promotions and transactions as we may determine.

3.8 (a) Where an application for PayLite is approved by us before 18 July 2015, OCBC$ or ROB$ earned on the relevant Card Transaction in connection with such approved PayLite will be reversed out but it will be progressively reinstated by the amount of each PayLite Instalment debited from your Card Account.

3.8 (b) Where an application for PayLite is approved by us on or after 18 July 2015, no OCBC$ or ROB$ will be awarded on the relevant Card Transaction in connection with such approved PayLite or any PayLite Instalment debited from your Card Account in connection with such approved PayLite. For the avoidance of doubt, if OCBC$ or ROB$ has been awarded on a Card Transaction, such rewards will be reversed out, withdrawn or forfeited upon the approval of your application for PayLite in connection with such Card Transaction.



You shall address any complaint, claim or dispute which he/she may have concerning such goods/services or for any discount, rebate or refund of the Paylite Instalments or any part thereof directly to the merchant. We are entitled to charge to and debit from your Card Account the PayLite Instalments in accordance with these terms and conditions notwithstanding the non-delivery or non-performance of or any defect in the goods and/or services purchased or any complaint, claim or dispute which you may have with the merchant.



We may vary, amend or modify any one or more provisions in these terms and conditions at any time and from time to time upon giving you 30 days notice in writing. You shall be bound by such amendments if you do not terminate the use of the Card.



A person who is not a party to these terms and conditions has no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act Cap 53B to enforce any of these terms and conditions.



These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore, and you irrevocably submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Republic of Singapore.