Get more savings when you transfer money overseas online

If you transfer You will save
S$3,000 S$5
S$20,000 S$15
S$40,000 S$30

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Conveniently transfer up to $40,000 per day on OCBC Online Banking.

Total transfer amount Total online charges*
Up to S$5,000 S$25
Above S$5,000
& up to S$25,000
Above S$25,000 S$40

*Charges above does not include non-OCBC Singapore charges (e.g. agent bank fees, receiving bank fee, if applicable)
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of your beneficiary

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Start transferring
money overseas online

Once setup is done, you can
transfer money overseas via
OCBC Online Banking and
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  • Agent fees apply and are fixed fees based
    on remitting currency.
  • Cable charge (flat fee of S$20) applies.
  • Promotion applies to amounts debited from SGD accounts only.
  • Promotional pricing stated above is only applicable if
    customer chooses to bear the charges (full or partial).
  • Promotional pricing applies for Online Remittance
    performed via OCBC Online Banking only.
  • As of 1 Nov 2015, Premier Banking and Private Banking
    customers do not need to pay commission fees and cable
    charge for any amount transferred.