Review, change or sell your shares via OCBC Online Banking

Make changes on your plan

You may add, remove or change share counters, and adjust your monthly investment amount through a simple online form.

Sell your shares from BCIP

To sell, submit your request by 2:30pm on any business day.

The price at which you sell your shares will be at the Average Sale Price on the date of execution.

Important timelines to note


Inform us by

Effective by

To amend The last business day of each month before 12:00pm 22nd of the next month
To sell Any business day by 2:30pm The next business day. You will receive your funds in 3 business days from the date of execution.
To stop monthly investment 10th of each month before
12:00 pm
The 22nd of the current month

If the 22nd of the month happens to be on a non-business day, the amended instruction will take effect on the next business day.

The above illustrations of effective timelines apply to successful BCIP applications approved by OCBC Bank.