MaxTerm Value / MaxTerm Value (CI)

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Highly affordable
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the term policy


  • Age: 17 to 70 years old (age next birthday)
How to apply

As you progress through life, your financial commitment grows. Have you wondered how you can protect your life goals if the unfortunate were to happen to you? Protect your life goals with term insurance.

protection need

Term insurance provides high protection coverage at an affordable price over the policy duration. In unforeseen circumstances, you or your family members will receive a lump sum payout which you can use to pay off your outstanding liabilities, or provide an income for your loved ones.

Highly affordable

From as low as S$2.30/day1, a 35-year-old receive S$700,000 coverage for 30 years
The earlier you purchase MaxTerm Value / MaxTerm Value (CI), the more affordable it is.

Essential coverage with two term insurance plans to choose from
Total and Permanent Disablity (TPD)
Terminal Illness (TI)
Critical Illnesses (CI)
Sum Assured Min:S$100,000
Max:S$2.5 million
  Subject to financial underwriting
Premiums stay the same throughout the policy term2

This is not a fixed deposit or savings plan. This is a term insurance plan.
Ms Tan is a 35-year-old*, non-smoker, who bought a 30-year MaxTerm Value with a sum assured S$700,000

Scenario 1:
Ms Tan pays S$819 yearly until age 65*. There is no refund of premiums if no claims are made at the end of the policy term.

Scenario 2:
Ms Tan pays S$819 yearly. The unfortunate (death, TPD or TI) strikes her at age 45*. A lump sum of S$700,000 will be paid out to her and/or her family.

Total premiums paid thus far: S$8,190 (based on yearly premiums)
  • *Age refers to age next birthday

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Important Notices

1Based on a female, non-smoker, Singaporean, 35 years old (age next birthday) who bought a 30-year MaxTerm Value of sum assured S$700,000.

2 Premium rates for MaxTerm Value are guaranteed and stay the same throughout the policy term. For MaxTerm Value (CI), the premiums are not guaranteed and may be adjusted based on the future critical illness claims experience.